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Guardians Of The Galaxy #5: Review

Aug 2020
Al Ewing, Juan Cabal

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5: I'm in your head

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4 stars

Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 Review by (August 16, 2020)
Moondragon-606's Dragon Of The Moon is an ancient demon who infiltrated Heather Douglas' mind as she was training on Titan and corrupted her into the arrogant Moondragon of her early superhero career. This possession came to a final head in Defenders #152 (the last issue of the series) which ended with both Heather and the Dragon seemingly destroyed.
Moondragon minus the Dragon returned in a cloned body (Solo Avengers #20). After various adventures Heather met Phyla-Vell (in the 2002 Captain Marvel series), and later they became part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy starting in Annihilation: Conquest. The Dragon resurfaced during this period but was destroyed again by Phyla.
We didn't see any the Dragon again until last issue, but later Phyla was killed. And now we learn that this caused the Dragon to reappear in Heather's psyche.

Moondragon-707 has her own Dragon Of The Moon as a tattoo on her arm but it seems to be under her control as a weapon.

Nova is noticeably absent from this issue and last, but we'll catch up with him next issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
After Peter Quill died the Guardians Of The Galaxy split. Groot and Drax stayed with Gamora who blamed Rocket Raccoon for her lover's death, and Moondragon and Phyla-Vell (both from another timeline) went with Rocket. Those last 3 returned to Marvel Boy and Nova (who were with them when Star-Lord sacrificed his life to send the reborn (and nasty) Olympian Gods somewhere else) and Hercules (who they rescued on the same mission). Gamora's bunch were joined by the Moondragon from *this* timeline and they hired themselves out as mercenaries. Their 1st job was for Rocket's enemy Blackjack O'Hare and his associate the Prince Of Power and it involved killing the Raccoon.

Another of Rocket's enemies Castor Gnawbarque III is using Galactus tech as a power source, knowing that it will eventually destroy Daggett's World. Concerned citizens called in Rocket's team to stop him. Gnawbarque hired Blackjack's team to stop *them*, with Rocket's death as a bonus. Drax, Gamora and the Prince stopped Noh-Varr from destroying the tech, but at the last second he quantum-swapped with Hercules. Meanwhile Rocket is being conspicuous, with Phyla as inconspicuous backup, while O'Hare has him in his sights from a tree. Othermeanwhile their Moondragon was keeping the team in telepathic contact from Quill's spaceship the Bowie on Daggett's moon. Gnawbarque delayed Blackjack's shot to savour the moment. And this reality's Moondragon suddenly cut the other Moondragon off mentally.

This issue begins with a flashback some years to the end of #25 of the 2008 series where the Guardians are mourning the death of this reality's Phyla-Vell, especially Moondragon her lover. Peter Quill proposes a toast and we see Groot, Jack Flag, Major Victory and Rocket in attendance. Mantis tries to console Heather Douglas, but she sees the Dragon Of The Moon in her drink.

Another flashback some months ago. Bug (who was also a GOTG member at that wake) finds Moondragon drinking in Gosnell's Bar on Dolo-Mayan. He says he heard the Guardians drank here since Knowhere fell into a black hole (#1 of the previous GOTG series). Heather says she hasn't seen the Guardians in ages, but Bug pulls up footage of the team at black hole time, and there's definitely a Moondragon there. The Dragon Of The Moon tells her this is another Heather Douglas from another reality who was never corrupted by the Dragon, and who actually has another Phyla as a living wife. And it tempts her with the power to redress the balance.

Now the alternate Moondragon finds herself trapped in the mind of Earth-616's Moondragon with that Heather manifesting as the Dragon and claiming she's stolen her life. Heather from Earth-TRN707 asks if MD-606 arranged the confrontation of the 2 teams or just foresaw it? MD-606 answers "A little of both". Is she jealous of the life 707 has or does she hate her for not having life as bad as her own? "A little of both." And mental battle commences.

In the bar on Daggett's World Phyla is worried about losing contact with Heather. Rocket thinks they should be more worried about their own situation. And Gnawbarque gives Blackjack the go-ahead for assassination.

Inside the Devourer-Type Energy Converter Gamora aims a gun at Hercules' head. Her teammates Drax and the Prince are unconscious on the floor. The immortal is unperturbed and talks her down. He convinces her that her anger with Rocket and Nova is misplaced. Peter *chose* death to save Herc and billions of others. Gamora lowers her gun ...

... but possibly because she sees the Prince awake and about to hit the godling with his big yellow hammer. Then he grabs Herc by the throat and declares himself the Prince Of Power giving his foe the Gift Of Battle. The Olympian is confused because those were *his* slogans. Then despite Gamora's warning of caution the Prince throws Hercules through some critical machinery.

In mindspace MD-707 begs for mercy from MD-606, but our Heather buries her foe's mind deep and promises to look after the life she's taking back. But then 707 reveals she was only testing the limits of 606's power. She had already checked for the existence of a Moondragon in this universe and was prepared for this conflict. And now *she* takes control.

Meanwhile O'Hare still hasn't taken the killshot because the tree is shaking. He thinks it's the wind but it turns out to be caused by Groot who wasn't happy with his old friend Rocket being killed. So he switched sides.

Gnawbarque also isn't happy in his office. Even more so when he is informed that the D-Type Converter's self-repair system is damaged. He looks in on the situation and sees Marvel Boy gone and a big hairy foe there instead. His assistant says that's the 'hippy' who wanted to see him this morning (last issue), who they threw in the brig. But the brig's now empty.

Meanwhile Drax has also woken up and he and Gamora watch as Hercules easily evades more swings of the Prince's mallet until he gets the opportunity to hurl him into the energy containment chamber. The Prince climbs out again but by now a warning klaxon is going off. Herc now 'surrenders' but suggests they all hold on to him if they want to get out of here before the whole place goes up.

Back in the office Gnawbarque's even angrier. Then Marvel Boy (who obviously was quantum-swapped into the brig but escaped) enters via a ceiling panel and transfers his quantum wrist-bands to Castor's arms. Then he clashes the bands together, which swaps the beaver with Herc and companions. And the villain is left to experience a huge explosion.

Heather-606 is abject in defeat, but Heather-707 isn't here to gloat. As 606 called her she's a superhero from the superhero dimension so she *has* to help her. 707 has everything and 606 has nothing, so 707 is compelled to share. They merge with a kiss and they're suddenly back in reality getting a psychic update from Phyla on the results of the mission. And Moondragon assures her that they're both here and alright.

Juan Cabal
Juan Cabal
Federico Blee
Ivan Shavrin (Cover Penciler)
Ivan Shavrin (Cover Inker)
Ivan Shavrin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Darren Shan. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Drax the Destroyer)
Marvel Boy
Marvel Boy


Plus: Blackjack O'Hare, Captain Marvel (Phyla-Vell), Castor Gnawbarque III, Dragon Of The Moon, Moondragon (of Infinity Wars).

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