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Guardians Of The Galaxy #6: Review

Sep 2020
Al Ewing, Marcio Takara

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6: Same time next week

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4 stars

Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 Review by (September 5, 2020)
This is a vamping till Empyre ends issue.


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Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
For the past 3 issues Nova's been behind the scenes recovering from serious injuries in #2. Now this issue concentrates on him ...

... receiving counselling on Halfworld (which means his shrink is wearing a straitjacket befitting a Loony of that planet). Richard Rider avoids telling the counsellor how he always took responsibilities on his shoulders, and how his father always told him not to ask for help. He's only here because Hercules insisted, and he only wants to talk about the last few days on Daggett's World (in the last 2 issues).

Richard was still in a healing tank then so he was only along to offer advice. His Guardians Of The Galaxy went there to stop a bad guy using the power of Galactus. But Gamora was angry with him because he got his best friend and her lover Peter Quill killed (#2) so she split off her own GOTG who got hired to protect the bad guy's interests. It ended with half of each team stuck in the bad guy's office (after he had been blown up with his Galactus tech) under attack by robot guards. They agreed a truce, teamed up and fought their way out. (And in the process Hercules and Marvel Boy shared a kiss.)

Rider also mentions the tricky situation between Phyla-Vell and *her* love Heather Douglas. They are both from a parallel universe, but last issue Moondragon merged with the Moondragon of this reality (who's version of Phyla-Vell died long ago).

But the shrink tries to steer the conversation to more relevant territory by picking up on the mention of Peter Quill's death which Gamora blames him for. Nova says he came to the Guardians for help fighting gods (the reborn Olympians) and Star-Lord died. *He* blames himself because he shouldn't have needed help.

But then Richard diverts again to say what happened after he got out of the tank. He went to Gosnell's Bar (mentioned last issue as *the* place to drink since Knowhere got scragged) and ran into Gamora. She agreed to talk to him but eventually they ran out of small talk. But still they avoided the subject of Peter's death, and instead reminisced about the time *they* were lovers during the Annihilation War.

She said she didn't love him then, but after he was lost in the Cancerverse (in Thanos Imperative) she found she missed him. She forced Peter to tell her what happened in the Cancerverse, and 1 of the things he told her was that Richard claimed to love her and wanted to find a way to make her happy. And Gamora then fell in love with Richard for believing she ever *could* settle down and be happy. But then he came back, and she found she was only in love with the idea. And in reality he wasn't the type to give up the life of adventure either.

But then she fell for Peter because *he* did want to settle down with her, and (after the end of the previous series) they agreed to stay on Halfworld. But then Richard came along and took him away and got him killed. Now Richard protested that *he* loved Peter too, But Gamora said that made it worse, and she left saying she didn't want to see him again.

The Halfworld shrink wants to know why Peter Quill was so special to Richard. Nova says Peter always had his back, and in the end that's what got him killed. He repeats that he shouldn't have needed help. The shrink replies that Nova's done so much for the Galaxy that he *deserves* help and love, but Richard is reluctant to agree. The session ends and the shrink says his services are free (paid for by the Shi'ar) to Annihilation War veterans. They agree to meet again same time next week.

He flies out to meet Rocket Raccoon in GOTG's starship the Bowie. Rocket advises him to check the newsfeeds under 'Empyre', and Nova learns that the Galaxy has changed while they weren't looking. (And next issue Marvel Boy is ambassador of the Utopian Kree to a post-Empyre conference.)

Marcio Takara
Marcio Takara
Federico Blee
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Penciler)
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Inker)
Rafael Albuquerque (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Darren Shan. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Marvel Boy
Marvel Boy


(Richard Rider)

Plus: Captain Marvel (Phyla-Vell), Moondragon (of Infinity Wars).

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