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Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #5: Review

Mar 2022
Marieke Nijkamp, Enid Balam

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4 stars

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #5 Review by (March 12, 2022)
Roberto Poggi helps with the inks and Rachelle Rosenberg with the colours.

Cassie Lang was Stature of the Young Avengers with Kate Bishop. She died at the end of Avengers: Children's Crusade after rescuing her father Scott Lang (Ant-Man) from his death back in Avengers Disassembled. Dr Doom blamed himself for her death, and while he was goodified by the Axis event he brought *her* back. She became Stinger in the post-Secret Wars new universe in Astonishing Ant-Man. I don't know anything about her being an intern at Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)'s Pym Labs, usually seen in Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne)'s Unstoppable Wasp.

America Chavez was a member of the 2nd Young Avengers with Kate (ie in the 2013 2nd series). After that she dropped out of until appearing (or a version of her) in several Secret Wars tie-in series. In the new universe she was a member of the Ultimates. During that period she reconnected with Kate in All-New Hawkeye #2-3.  Later they teamed up in West Coast Avengers (2018).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), her sister Susan and her dog Lucky escaped from the burning Resort Chapiteau in the Hamptons. Villains Pascale Tiboldt and Fifi had already left, presumably with an entourage of goons, heading to Bishop Mansion in New York to get a fragment of a Cosmic Cube. Kate texted her friends America Chavez and Cassie Lang (now Stinger) to head them off.

Now text messages let us know that the pair have arrived to find the place stiff with guards (the goons). But also their texts can't get through to Kate's phone. This is because the escape involved diving into a pool which has knackered said phone. The Bishop duo and dog are being chauffeur-driven to the Bishop home. Susan Bishop lets us know they called the fire department before they left and Kate reminds her they made sure everyone got out.

They reach their destination to be greeted by America and Stinger. They note Tiboldt's guards and Hawkeye devises a plan. She and America take out some drones that the baddies seem to have brought with them from the Resort. She sends Stinger flying miniaturised to scout the place. America will teleport Susan straight to the vault to secure the fragment. (Pascale has taken Susan's ring which would open the safe but superstrong Chavez is certain she can just tear it apart.) Lucky will distract the guards while Kate tackles Pascale and Fifi.

Things go to plan except America and Susan find that Tiboldt has already opened the safe and got the Cosmic Cube. Fifi surprises Hawkeye with trick arrows. Since their 1st encounter in Hawkeye (2012) #2 the circus archery performer has trained and equipped herself to be Kate's match and better. She seems to have succeeded until Stinger joins in, goes giant-size and KOs the foe with the flick of a finger.

Then reality warps as Pascale uses the CC fragment. Kate is confused by multiple images from her past. She shoots an arrow at her foe who then turns out to actually be Susan. Luckily it was only a boxing glove arrow but it's enough to hurt her shoulder. Then more images of her sister bedevil her, but Kate calls in Lucky who attacks the 1 who is really Pascale. The dog clamps his jaw on the wrist where the CC fragment is dangling from a charm bracelet. The villain shakes him off but the real Susan takes over the attack. Kate fires an arrow which Tiboldt plucks from the air and stabs Susan's other shoulder. Lucky grabs the fragment again and Hawkeye breaks the bracelet with another arrow. Pascale flees with America and Stinger in pursuit.

Later they've rounded up the gang including Fifi, but Tiboldt has escaped. Susan's shoulders are bandaged up. Lucky still has the Cosmic Cube and is surrounded by a load of dog toys and pizzas. Cassie suggest taking it to Pym Labs where she's an intern. Kate sends a pic of Lucky to Clint Barton (the other Hawkeye who's the dog's co-owner). The Bishop sisters establish that they're now friends and respect each other. Kate reveals to Susan that their mother Eleanor isn't dead but a vampire (as seen in Hawkeye (2016) and West Coast Avengers (2018)). (She doesn't mention that their father Derek now has a young cloned body (also Hawkeye (2016).)

Then America and Cassie mention intel they have from Eli (presumably Elijah Bradley, ex Young Avenger Patriot) about something weird at an NY research lab which Kate might like to investigate with them.

Enid Balam
Oren Junior
Brittany Peer
Jahnoy Lindsay (Cover Penciler)
Jahnoy Lindsay (Cover Inker)
Jahnoy Lindsay (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Caitlin O'Connell. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Kate Bishop)
Ms. America
Ms. America

(America Chavez)

Plus: Pascale Tiboldt, Stinger (Cassie Lang), Susan Bishop.

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