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Hawkeye #12: Review

Nov 2017
Kelly Thompson, Michael Walsh

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4 stars

Hawkeye #12 Review by (March 30, 2024)
Kate met Laura Kinney (but not Gabby and their wolverine) at least briefly in Secret Empire #10 where they and others were sent on individual time journeys described in the various Generations 1-shots. They also probably spent more time together at a celebration in the Sam-Cap & Steve-Cap issue of Generations.

Laura etc are here between All-New Wolverine #30 and #31 (where Gabby will take the super-id Honey Badger).

Laura debuted in the NYX mini-series. She met the X-Men in Uncanny XM #450-451 as X-23 (indicating she was the 23rd clone of Wolverine), and joined their student in XM v2 #165. She took the name Wolverine in the ANW series after Logan died (not permanently of course) in the Death Of Wolverine mini-series.
She met her young clone Gabby and Jonathan the wolverine in the ANW series.

I'm wondering if the dialogue in this issue mistakenly says the Firebird car belongs to Kate. She doesn't mention it in later issues. It would make more sense if it was Laura's.

The villains at the bar include Doombots, AIM and Hydra agents, Hand ninjas and ULTIMATUM agents. Marvel Fandom Wiki identifies some others as members of Inner Demons and agents of Atom Smasher (Michael English) (only ever seen before in Marvel Two-In-One #85). And there are some that neither of us recognise.

In All-New Hawkeye vol 2 #6 I 'predicted' Clint Barton's apps through to Civil War II. CWII included the Accused 1-shot where he was put on trial for killing Bruce Banner. After CW he led his own small team in the Occupy Avengers short series, with some side trips including Old Man Logan #28-30. OA ended with #8-9 as part of the Secret Empire event. And Clint has come here straight from there.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hawkeye #12 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Kate Bishop in civilian (but still purple) clothing is following a lead to a bar called The Fluttering Horde. But when she gets near she sees the female Wolverine (Laura Kinney) thrown through a window. She follows her back inside and sees her fighting various bad guys alongside a smaller female Wolverine and a real wolverine. Kate already knows Laura but has to be introduced to younger Gabby Kinney, who has only 1 claw per hand unlike Laura who has 2 (and Logan/Wolverine who of course has 3). Kate persuades the other 2 to sheathe their claws so as not to severely harm the bad guys. They reluctantly agree, but of course that doesn't stop the actual wolverine. Weaponless Kate plucks some darts from a dartboard and throws them to pin 1 guy's clothes to a wall.

6 minutes later all the villains are unconscious or groaning. Kate suggests they leave before the police get here to avoid awkward questions. They may have been defending themselves in a known bad guy hangout but for example the cops would want to know if they had a permit for their violent dog. Gabby protests that Jonathan isn't a dog he's a wolverine (who's currently licking her nose). But Kate says that would make it worse, so the others agree about leaving.

She takes them to her Hawkeye Investigations office/apartment. She's worried how her dog Lucky will react to the wolverine, but the pair of animals hit it off immediately. She offers Gabby some soda but then remembers all she's got available is water (and frozen peas). The youngster isn't impressed.

Kate asks the New Yorkers why they've come to Los Angeles. Laura explains that a tech from Alchemax (that created Gabby and other clones from *her* DNA - see early issues of All-New Wolverine) has left that company and come here, and they want to stop him from creating more clones. Kate's automatic reaction is that she's *sick* of clones, which she has to quickly back-pedal because the pair are *both* clones (Laura of Logan). Laura says they hoped to find him at the bar but he wasn't there. Trying to get back in their good books she produces a list and asks if their guy is the top of it. They're astonished that he *is*!

Kate now explains the events of #10-11 where Madame Masque took over her life in a clone body of her. She adds that when she escaped from Masque's base she took a list of her clients (MM has been selling youthful cloned bodies of themselves to rich people like Kate's father). The address of the top name on the list led her to the bar where they just met.

Laura looks at the list and points out that he has another address on the list so they should go there. Kate suggests that young Gabby should stay behind. Laura counter-suggests that Kate should stay behind instead because it's *their* business. Besides Gabby has claws and a healing factor like Laura and Logan, and unlike them she also feels no pain. Kate gives in but says they'll *all* go. She goes to change into her Hawkeye costume and grab her bow and arrows, and when she returns the other 2 have also costumed up (somehow).

40 minutes later they confront Jacob Damon in his office. He tells them he's given up cloning after the Alchemax debacle, but he was also fatally ill so he accepted a healthy clone body from Masque. The trio don't believe him. But then Hawkeye slumps to the floor unconscious and the other 2 try to fend of the effects of a gas.

Kate wakes to find all 3 of them hanging upside down from clamps round their ankles. Damon isn't with them but it turns out that the other 2 recovered much quicker (healing factor) and he's already told them his plan. He wants an army of clones with Gabby's powers but he wasn't getting anywhere so he asked MM for help. There are power dampeners in the ankle cuffs but she and Gabby could escape by cutting their feet off. For Gabby it wouldn't even hurt but on the downside they'd be without feet for some time. Kate has a better plan. She pulls out an exploding bobby pin and throws it at a control panel. The power goes off and the trio drop acrobatically to the floor.

Unfortunately at that point Damon and a small army of *his* clones run in. The trio leap around dispatching the crowd, and Kate doesn't stop them using claws this time. The Wolverines say that even their enhanced senses can't tell which is the real Damon. Hawkeye bets it's the 1 running away and clobbers him with a 'boxing glove' arrow. 12 minutes later they have them all wrapped up with duct tape. Kate pens a confession note for the police and pins it to Damon.

The trio head for Kate's Firebird. Gabby runs ahead shouting that the 1st 1 there gets to drive it. Kate comments how amazing the youngster is. Laura says that having her as a 'sister' has changed her life for the better. Kate opines that Gabby has that effect on everyone. Laura agrees and says that Gabby is even friends with Deadpool (as of ANW#21-22?). Kate admits that she initially disliked him but he won her round (in the Hawkeye Vs Deadpool mini-series). Laura hints at something about DP but then quickly changes the subject by claiming that Rogue and DP have had an affair. (I believe she's making that up but Uncanny Avengers (2023) will claim that he's loved her from afar for a long time.) Laura offers to help Kate with her problem but Kate says she's got someone else in mind. They all reach the car and of course they don't let Gabby drive.

After Laura, Gabby and Jonathan have gone Kate tries to ring the other Hawkeye, Clint Barton. But her doorbell rings and he's on her doorstep. And they both say "I need your help".

Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh
Jordie Bellaire
Julian Totino Tedesco (Cover Penciler)
Julian Totino Tedesco (Cover Inker)
Julian Totino Tedesco (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Sana Amanat. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


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(Clint Barton)

Plus: Gabby Kinney, Wolverine (Laura Kinney).

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