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Hulk: Nightmerica #4: Review

Nov 2003
Robin Laws, Brian Ashmore

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[Nightmerica Part 4]

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3.5 stars

Hulk: Nightmerica #4 Review by (January 31, 2023)

Review: Bruce Banner now looks like Eugene Levy but that doesn’t hurt the story. Much.

Anyway, Hulk gets a little more to do this time around as there is someone to fight: Stealth, a woman in a metal flying suit covered with blades who is actually cool; not clear why she blows up the jeep as she is supposed to deliver Chrissie and Mrs. Gray intact but I’m not an expert in these things. Hulk’s personality seems a bit off, angrier than usual and Bruce’s ability to control his transformations doesn’t seem right either. And we also enter another offbeat setting, the compound of a doomsday religious sect. Their beliefs are difficult to follow which I assume was intentional on the part of the writer so I hope also that they aren’t very important but it leaves the cultists rather enigmatic—especially as they take up such a sizable portion of the page count.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk: Nightmerica #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

His head stuck inside Stu Wendell’s bloblike body has Bruce Banner dreaming he is in an idyllic American small town until Chrissie literally pulls him out. They move on for their next stop, Tryon, Nebraska. Camping overnight, Bruce is still surprised that Chrissie was able to calm Hulk down with her words. The two kiss….

Moving on, they determine that their next friend Mrs. Gray is living at the compound of the religious sect known as the New Church of Consecrated Light. The roads are blocked because there is an FBI/ATF standoff at the Church compound and they wonder if their pursuers could be behind it. At night, following Intergalactic’s map brings them behind the compound and they approach the Agent in charge, claiming to be former cult members and offer to negotiate with the Church leaders. They approach the compound and are taken for the prophesied “Charioteers.” They locate Mrs. Gray who is a very tall version of a gray alien, wearing a nurse uniform. Bruce talks to the cultists in their own terms, trying to calm them and avoid a violent confrontation. A phone is tossed in and Bruce speaks to Mohamed Simensky (the guy hunting the mutates) who offers safety to him and Mrs. Gray if they leave now. They do, along with Chrissie, taking a jeep parked beyond the FBI barrier. Driving off, they reach a police barricade where Stealth swoops down and slashes the cops to death; the heroes drive off and Stealth attacks them, blowing up the jeep and hurling Bruce into the air. Bruce transforms into the Hulk in midair. He fights Stealth who relishes being able to test her powers for once and she slashes him across the chest twice. Hulk hurls a tractor at her, damaging her systems; she panics, slashes Hulk’s throat and flies off, approaching Chrissie and asking her to surrender to the baddies. Hulk attacks Stealth yet again and she flies off with a warning for Chrissie. The young lady tries to talk Hulk down again but this time he doesn’t trust her and is determined to kill her….

Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore
Brian Ashmore (Cover Penciler)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Inker)
Brian Ashmore (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Randy Gentile.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

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