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Incredible Hulk #142: Review

Aug 1971
Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe

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They Shoot Hulks, Don't They?

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2 stars

Incredible Hulk #142 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of the Valkyrie in a Hulk comic. Story inspired by Tom 'The Right Stuff' Wolfe's 'Radical Chick'


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Incredible Hulk #142 Synopsis by Andrew Thorn
The Hulk surfaces near the Statue of Liberty to clash with the women's lib movement in the form of the Valkyrie!

After being taken in by some New York socialite types, who throw him his own fund raiser, where the big green fellas manners and etiquette skills excite plenty of comment. The Hulk gets into a brawl with the Valkyrie, who's actually the daughter of the Socialites, transformed by the Enchantress. Valkyrie whoops the unsuspecting Hulk (by pressing a nerve in his neck), hauls him up the Empire State Building and throws him off, all in the name of feminism (and the Enchantress)!

Shocked when the Hulk still lives, Valkyrie is about to attack again when the Enchantress' spell wears off and she reverts back to being a regular girl.

The Hulk turns into Bruce Banner, none the wiser and the Enchantress vows revenge for another day.

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Herb Trimpe
John Severin
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)


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