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Incredible Hulk #184: Review

Feb 1975
Len Wein, Herb Trimpe

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Shadow On the Land

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #184 Synopsis by Chad Donald
Soldiers running a convoy of special chemicals out of Chicago towards Tulsa are startled when they hear something rumbling around in the back of the truck. While checking the load, the Hulk jumps out of the trailer and destroys the container, spilling chemicals all over himself. Witnessing all of this is the Warlord Kaa, an alien from an undiscovered planet on the edge of our solar system. He hopes to conquer our world and believes he's now very close (Kaa first appeared in Where Monsters Dwell #31).

Meanwhile, at the Hulkbuster base in New Mexico, a scientist named Harold Conrad who had just found bad news from test results is suddenly shot dead and put into a closet by an unknown killer. The man then takes the results and sets them on fire.

Later on at dawn, the Hulk is talking about how only his shadow accompanies him anywhere he goes. Kaa, who is disguised as Hulk's shadow, attacks the Hulk from behind. Kaa then goes on to explain to Hulk that the chemicals spilled on him earlier have allowed Kaa to possess psychic control of the Hulk's shadow.

The story then cuts to Betty Ross and Major Glenn Talbot enjoying a day of relaxation alongside Thunderbolt Ross as they ride New Mexico plains, enjoy rapids, swim and camp.

Back to the Hulk, it's been eleven long hours of trading blows with Kaa who thinks he has finally claimed victory over Hulk when suddenly, he notices the sun beginning to set. His shadow growing longer, it dissolves into the night as does his mind from his body that has been orbiting the Earth in his spacecraft.

The Hulk has had a long day and finds comfort on the night Oklahoma grass and reverts to Banner. Awaking the next day, Banner heads to Hulkbuster base only to be shot by Colonel Armbruster! He believes he is "doing good for the nation".

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Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)
Letterer: Art Simek.
Editor: Roy Thomas.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Colonel Armbruster
Colonel Armbruster

(John D. Armbruster)

(Bruce Banner)
Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

(Thaddeus Ross)

Plus: Kaa (Warlord Kaa).

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