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Incredible Hulk #255: Review

Jan 1981
Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema

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Thunder Under the East River

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #255 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Hulk's international journey that will take him to Israel, Russia, and Chile, among other destinations, begins next issue.



When I took my hippocratic oath of medicine, I swore to help mankind in general and specific. I consider my duty to treat these men whether they can pay me or not.

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Incredible Hulk #255 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
After arriving to New York City, the Incredible Hulk is attacked by the police but quickly loses interest, and hides in a light house where he befriends a hobo, Carl Pfotts. After a good night sleep, the Hulk wakes up as Bruce Banner and boards a train to get away from the city. Caught by the guard, Banner runs away, failing to notice an incoming train. Panic triggers the transformation and the Incredible Hulk halts the train "on its tracks". Dr. Don Blake, who happened to be at the freightyard's clinic, quickly turns into the Mighty Thor to face the Hulk.

The green goliath buries the Odinson under a cargo wagon and leaps away, hiding in lower Manhattan. However, the monster's temper soon gives up his location. Resuming their fight, Thor and the Hulk end up inside the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel where the Hulk throws a van to Thor and misses, cracking the tunnel's roof; water starts leaking. Turning his attention to civilians, Thor is surprised by a Hulk punch that releases Mjolnir from his grasp. As Thor steps on a truck to hold the roof, the Hulk tries to lift Thor's hammer... until he does! But, the hammer has turned into a wooden cane and Thor into Don Blake. Blake explains the Hulk that he and Thor are the same person; Hulk leaves, thinking he has defeated Thor by trapping him inside of Blake. Using the cane, Blake turns back into Thor to hold the roof until repair crews show up to fix the tunnel.

Moments later, the Hulk sneaks into an Israeli freighter with destination: Tel Aviv. The new "cargo" wants the boat to take him away from the cities, the puny humans, the fighting... and Banner.

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Sal Buscema
Sal Buscema


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