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Incredible Hulk #257: Review

Mar 1981
Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema

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Crypt of Chaos

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #257 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Bruce Banner, laying almost dead in the desert, is found by Arabs and taken to their tents. The merciful arabs provided Banner with water and food, until he fully recovered. Then, Abdul, the arab chieftain, introduces Banner to Dr. Hassan Kareem and shows him their archiological discovery, the tombs of Gog and Magog. Legend says that an egyptian wizard called Nephut-Sha, requested the help of Seth, Egypt's God of Death, to avenge his people from the israelies, who left Egypt and killed the Paroah and his men (who drowned in the waters of the Red sea because of Moses). Seth turned Nephut-Sha into two demons, Gog and Magog. But they were imprissoned forever by the new Paroah and his army soon after in two tombs. Dr. Kareem is certain that he's found those and enters the crypt followed by Banner and Abdul. Suddenly, the crypt starts trembling and rocks fall from the roof. Seth shows up between the tombs, opens them, and uses Kareem to give life to Gog and Magog. Banner is sepulted by the debris and Abdul takes refuge inside a chamber. The Arabian finds a gleaming scimitar and a rug, and as he wields the sword, he transforms into the Arabian Knight, whose mission is to return the demons to their tombs. Gog and Magog come out of the grave but followed by the Hulk. The first attack by the demons seems overwhelming. But the Hulk is later able to disperse them with a mighty blow. Magog attacks the Hulk while Gog tries against the Arabian Knight. Despise Magog's great power, Hulk gets rid of him and throws him inside the cave. Gog follows his twin inside the cave. Both heroes enter the crypt and the Arabian Knight uses his scimitar to lock Gog in his sarcophagus. Hulk throws Magog inside his tomb, but keeps on hitting him, ignoring he must shut the sarcophagus off. Fearing Magog would escape, the Arabian Knight ignites dynamite and the explosion locks Magog but also buries the Hulk. Explaining his actions as the will of Allah, the Arabian Knight feels sorry for Banner's demise and takes off. But Hulk later arised through the stones and leaps away. Meanwhile, the US Congress has decided to stop funding Gamma base because it failed to accomplish its mission of either curing or capturing the Hulk. But as the base is dismantled, Glenn Talbot boards the War-Wagon, a super battlecruiser conceived by Talbot, to destroy the Hulk, and the real reason Gamma base could not account for its spending to Congress, and takes off to chase the green goliath. In the epilogue we see Rick Jones entering the Avengers Mansion and asking Jarvis to tell the mighty heroes that they need to help him find the Hulk.

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Sal Buscema
Sal Buscema


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