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Incredible Hulk (1968 series) #164

June 1973
Steve Englehart, Herb Trimpe

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The Phantom From 5,000 Fathoms

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4 stars


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Hulk is near the North pole. With just gelid waters in front of him, but desperate to return home (the Nevada desert), Hulk leaps from iceberg to iceberg, and then swims for hundreds of miles. Eventually, he is seen by an American submarine which the Hulk believes is attacking him, and gets the green monster's fist baptism, losing its hull. As the submarine starts to sink, a giant strange-looking submersible rescues it using enormous metal tentacles; the Hulk is brought inside as well.

The ship is commanded by Captain Owen, a tyrant who has been putting his crew to work for decades on the ocean floor to make it his own, or so he believes. The crew members are similar to the very Hulk in size; their bodies adapted to living 5,000 fathoms under water! Owen has them under strict control, censoring what they learn about life, and the surface world they never saw.

Captain Owen thinks the Hulk is a great addition to his line of workers. But Old greenskin is not interested. Yet none of his attempts to escape are successful: It is so tough to leave with that water pressure, being so deep! And Owen knows this. So on Hulk's final attempt, while out in the water, and nearly drowned, the Hulk has no option but to put on a breathing helmet and follow Owen's ship to obey the Captain as a slave!

Meanwhile, Colonel John Armbruster is called to rescue Thunderbolt Ross from the Russians who deny having the General as a prisoner. Glenn Talbot decides to participate in the mission despite Betty Ross' opposition.

Also in this story: Nick Fury, Bruce Banner.

Steve Englehart
Herb Trimpe
Sal Trapani
Herb Trimpe (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner
Captain Omen
Captain Omen
Glenn Talbot
Glenn Talbot
John Armbruster
John Armbruster
Nick Fury
Nick Fury