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Invincible Iron Man #234: Review

Sep 1988
David Michelinie, Jackson Guice

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #234 Review by (June 12, 2017)
Comments: Spidey's appearance falls between AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #304-305. Radioactive Man was introduced in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #93 as a Thor villain but has faced a number of heroes since. Security chief Vic Martinelli was last seen working for Stane in issue #199. Donna Twain gets a big intro but this is her only comics appearance. First appearance of Kathy Dare's dog Puggins.

Review: Highly entertaining issue abandons all of the brooding and guilt of previous issues and teams Shellhead with Spidey for a fun ride. And R-Man is a bit of a surprise:here he's not just a big guy who can shoot rays as he sometimes comes across but his dangerous condition and powerful (and amoral) intellect make him a formidable villain.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #234 Synopsis by T Vernon
Tony Stark is at an inventor's convention in New York, demonstrating the new Iron Man's powers via holographic projector and connecting with potential customers and clients. Also at the convention is Peter Parker, hoping to score a job at one of the tech companies represented. James Rhodes hits on sales rep Donna Twain and is shot down, as she's married. Tony experiences some queasiness of feelings when he passes the Stane International exhibit, seeing as Stane took over Stark International some years ago. Meanwhile, Stane rep Chen Lu detects biorganic [sic] radiation in the room but can't tell where it is coming from. Not far away, Peter Parker is feeling his energy draining and his Spider-Sense acting up. Tony runs into his former security chief Vic Martinelli who passes him a secret note. Outside, Tony runs into Kathy Dare whom he met at the polo match last issue....

Late that night, Spider-Man returns to the exhibition hall to investigate the strange sensations from earlier. Chen Lu is there and he again detects the unusual radiation. The two meet and Chen Lu reveals himself to be the Radioactive Man. Spidey, weakened by his proximity to his foe, has a hard time functioning and is captured by R-Man. Vic Martinelli and some guards witness this....

The next morning, Rhodey brings the news of what happened at the hall the night before. Tony finally reads the note Vic slipped him asking for help at Stane's; he makes his apologies to Kathy and splits. He and Rhodey meet with Vic who tells them of all the mystery surrounding Chen Lu and his experiments—including the fact that it was Chen who brought down the Stane satellite last issue. Tony persuades Vic to help him sneak Iron Man into the Stane buildings....

That night, Iron Man enters the Stane labs, with Rhodey waiting outside armed for backup. Shellhead arrives as Radioactive Man is planning to drain Spidey's blood and dissect him to study the unusual radiation he's detected. Iron Man battles R-Man while trying to shield himself from his opponent's deadly level of radiation; Spidey soon joins the fight wearing a radiation suit. Shellhead melts the lead lined ceiling so that it covers Chen Lu and he quickly freezes it, safely trapping their dangerous foe inside. The heroes call the police and take off....

The next day, Tony hears all about the case on the TV news and is happy that things turned out all right for once....

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Jackson Guice
Bob Layton
Bob Sharen
Jackson Guice (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
James Rhodes
James Rhodes


(Peter Parker)

Plus: Kathy Dare, Radioactive Man, Vic Martinelli.

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