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Invincible Iron Man #1: Review

Oct 2015
Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #1 Review by (October 11, 2015)
This issue (or at least my copy) has the wraparound stiff cover repeated inside without the title, etc. We're presumably going to have to wait for the (continually receding) end of Secret Wars to find out how come Earth appears to be whole once more, and how exactly this Iron Man relates to the pre-SW 1 - last seen fighting Steve Rogers to the death as the multiverse ended. There's at least 1 thread linking the current and previous Tony Stark - he's still not the real son of Howard and Maria. But so far there's no mention of 'brother' Arno. Or Superior IM, in mind and armour. Or what his current relationship with Pepper Potts is. (I seem to recall being told that she's still angry about Superior's actions - but that's something else we'll have to wait and see about.) We'll also have to wait to see why Dr Doom is armourless and relatively unscarred. The AI Friday is a blast from the past, but not since the 1998 series. Madame Masque is my favourite Iron Man villain (and sometimes ally/heroine), but she's not been in his books since the Dark Reign issues. But she's been plenty busy since then, mainly in Avengers-related stuff such as Hawkeye and Avengers Undercover.


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Invincible Iron Man #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Beijing Madame Masque receives something from an AIM defector, and then kills him.

In his workshop Tony Stark is still coming to terms with the fact that he's not really the son of Howard and Maria Stark. And he's peeved that his armour is no longer state of the art. He can do something about the 2nd problem. He's created a new Iron Man suit that combines the best aspects of all his old versions. It can morph to suit the mission. It is still connected to his brain, but no longer to his biology (as the Extremis version was).

His holographic AI assistant Friday interrupts to remind him that he can't fly the armour yet because it needs a 3-hour initial charging. And anyway he has a date with Sri Lankan biophysicist Amara Perera. He'd better freshen up if he doesn't want to be late.

For the date he's reserved a whole restaurant, but Amara isn't impressed.

In Stark Tower in Osaka Madame Masque escapes from techno-ninjas by jumping out of a very high window, taking something else with her.

Meanwhile Tony takes Amara for desert to the roof of the Stark/Avengers Tower. She's still not impressed. When he casually mentions that the female Thor might drop by she's the opposite of impressed, and he frantically signals the flying Thor not to land.

He tries another tack and asks, as 1 genius to another, whether she has an invention that she's keeping from the world, for the world's own sake. Amara admits to having accidentally found a cure for the mutant gene. She says she's only keeping it in her head. But Tony says that that's no defense against psychics, and offers to help keep it more secure.

But they don't pursue that subject as he makes a flirting play for her. Amara turns him down - his womanising reputation precedes him. The situation is saved when Friday pops up to say Madame Masque has just been seen robbing Castle Doomstadt in Latveria. Stark dons the new armour and heads there.

Iron Man lands in a somewhat wrecked castle. Friday explains that since Dr Doom lost control of Latveria it's been fought over by revolutionaries and neighbouring countries. Armed members of 1 of those factions surround him. Friday translates that they want him to remove his armour. Before she can translate the other way his reply about hunting Masque, his opponents are all felled by a sonic blast.

He turns to see a man whom Friday identifies as Dr Doom. But this man wears no armour, and his face is only slightly scarred.

David Marquez
David Marquez
Justin Ponsor
David Marquez (Cover Penciler)
David Marquez (Cover Inker)
Justin Ponsor (Cover Colorist)


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