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Invincible Iron Man #6: Review

Feb 2016
Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato Jr.

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #6 Review by (February 6, 2016)
The start of a 2nd story arc which the cover calls The War Machines.

Mike Deodato takes over as artist from David Marquez.

This series now joins ANAD Avengers in saying Tony Stark isn't very rich anymore. He may have had to sell Stark/Avengers Tower in New York in ANADA but he still gets to keep the Osaka Stark Tower in this series. ANADA#1 did say that it was his company that was poor, not just his personal finances. But he did say they were only cash-poor. Ie he had to sell the Tower to alleviate a cash-flow problem.

It seems Friday is a distributed AI. She exists in Iron Man's armour as well as Tony Stark's office, and now in War Machine's armour too.

I wonder how serious Stark is here about James Rhodes being in his debt for being allowed to wear the War Machine armour? He had stopped JR from being WM in Iron Man #527. (But JR has been Iron Patriot and operated a set of WM drones since then.)

We've now learned that Victor Von Doom's face lost its scars when Molecule Man and Mr Fantastic rebuilt the universe at the end of Secret Wars #9. But I don't think that explains why he's now on the path of righteousness (if he really is).

Yukio is a long-time Wolverine and X-Men character. She's been crippled and confined to a wheelchair twice, the last time in Wolverine (2010) #3.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
War Machine (James Rhodes) is investigating Madame Masque's break-in to the Osaka Stark Tower (#1), with the help of the AI Friday. She can't find anything missing, but MM also scrambled the security system during her visit. The only footage Friday can recover shows (as we saw in #1) the villainess fighting the light-sabre-wielding techno-ninjas Iron Man battled in #4 (when they were on her trail).

Iron Man isn't doing this job himself because Tony Stark is entertaining Amara Perera in his apartment. (They're just about to have breakfast after spending the night together.) He takes a moment to contact Rhodey for an update. And to remind us that Whitney Frost and the ninjas were dabbling with demonic forces.

Tony takes Amara to a little diner he knows that serves the best waffles in the world. They exchange science chat over the meal, until Victor Von Doom wanders in and joins them. Stark tries to shoo him away, but the now unscarred and unarmoured Doom charms Amara.

Meanwhile James Rhodes has gone seeking info on the techno-ninjas in an illicit dive run by wheelchair-bound Yukio. Faced with the threat of Avengers wrecking her place she points him to an over-sized guy with 2 female companions.

Von Doom repeats his claim to be a good guy now. But Stark still has his Iron Man armour stand outside the restaurant ready for trouble. Victor says he's here to see if Tony is suffering any mystical after-effects from last issue's magical battle. He claims that thwarted demons often gain petty revenge on their enemies. Doom also avoids answering the question of how he knew Stark was here, before leaving the place.

The big guy and the girls get in a flash car. Which suddenly starts flying as War Machine lifts it into the air. He takes them to the top of a skyscraper and drags the man out. Rhodey shrugs of bullets, 1 of which ricochets and injures the man. But when he asks about the ninjas Jim belatedly discovers he's dealing with the wrong enemy. The girls attack him with light-sabre swords.

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.
Frank Martin
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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War Machine

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Plus: Whitney Frost.

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