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Iron Man: Legacy #10: Review

Jan 2011
Fred Van Lente, Phillippe Briones

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No way back

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4 stars

Iron Man: Legacy #10 Review by (June 6, 2016)
Philippe Briones and Jeff Huet take over the pencils and inks for the last 2 issues of this series.

This issue says the Gibborim ruled before the Great Flood. The word is Biblical (but doesn't mean anything like the demons here) so that might be Noah's Flood. But in a Marvel context it's more likely to be the sinking of Atlantis (and more). However Runaways and the Official Marvel Handbook refer to their rule as before the dawn of mankind.

The Pride are 6 couples based in Los Angeles. Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder are the Thieves, crime bosses disguised as businessmen, who lead The Pride. Dale and Stacey Yorkes are the Travellers, time-travellers from the future with a genetically-engineered dinosaur, posing as antique dealers. Frank and Leslie Dean, the Colonists are alien arms traders from Majesdane working as Hollywood actors. Janet and Victor Stein are inventors dubbed the Wise Men. Alice and Gene Hayes, the Outcasts, are telepathic mutants. And the Magicians are wizards Robert and Tina Minoru.

The Shi'Ar craft is presumably at the service of Prof X. But see my comments on #6 for problems reconciling that.

Grottu will feature in another monster museum in Fantastic Four Unlimited #7 and #9. Then he will be among the horde of monsters summoned by Jack O'Lantern in Supernaturals #4. And in another monster horde in Punisher (2008) #11, the debut of FrankenCastle.

Tim Boo Ba will also return. In Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four he's on his microworld again but persuades Googam son of Goom to let him up to Earth. Mr Fantastic is working out how to send him back.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man: Legacy #10 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In 1 of the strands of last issue Iron Man (James Rhodes) faced giant monsters Grottu and Tim Boo Ba in Tokyo. Now he's defeated them to much applause. (Although the Japanese Self-Defence Forces spokesman says they would have handled it themselves OK - to much derogatory comment.) Rhodey uses the opportunity to do what he came for - to tout shares in Tony Stark's fledgling company Imperio Techworks.

Also last issue The Pride kidnapped Tamara and Tyree Robinson as bait for Stark. Now Tina Minoru explains to Tamara who they are. The Gibborim supposedly ruled the world before the Great Flood. They will come again to cleanse the Earth of humanity and rule the world anew. They have chosen The Pride to prepare the way by sacrificing a girl to them each year until enough life force has been transferred. Tamara will soon be this year's offering.

In the derelict factory Imperio Techworks is using, Tony has just realised that the Robinson siblings are missing when a hologram of Geoffrey Wilder pops up. Wilder is tired of using minions to fight Stark and wants to bring the duel to a head. But Tony still thinks Obadiah Stane is behind it all, much to Wilder's disgust. He tells Stark that he has invaded the territory of The Pride. And he must come alone to Wilder's house to save the Robinsons.

Back in that house some of The Pride aren't pleased that Geoffrey has just tipped their hand when obviously Stark had no idea they existed. But Janet Stein is eager to test her tech against his. Then Tony blasts his way in with his old Iron Man armour. The Pride are confused because they know the Golden Avenger is in Japan, until Stacey Yorkes does a scan which reveals Stark inside.

Dale Yorkes blows a special whistle to summon their dinosaur. There follows a colossal battle which quickly moves outside - in fact just outside the bedroom window of young Alex Wilder who is oblivious as he listens to music through earphones. But eventually Shellhead reigns supreme.

Then Stacey uses a kinetic drainer pistol on him. Tony recognises the feeling as the same as in #6, and is finally convinced that The Pride is behind everything that happened to him in this story arc. But the armour means he's not as vulnerable as he was then.

He continues to fight until Tina Minoru uses her staff to tangle him in a sudden growth of vines. But Stark reveals an inexplicable knowledge of them. He knows about the Gibborim. And that when they return 6 of The Pride will survive to rule the world with them, but the other 6 will perish with humanity. How will they decide which 6 is which? A mental scan by Gene Hayes reveals that Stark knows much of the contents of their sacred book.

Janet and Victor Stein come forward to talk to him. Stark recognises them from a scientific conference they were all at. Janet says they're saving the world from itself (presumably from human-induced climate change, etc).

Frank Dean is impatient, and wants to torture the truth out of their victim. But just then a spacecraft arrives which the alien Deans recognise as belonging to the Shi'Ar and the Illuminati leap out. Tony explains that Geoffrey Wilder swore by the Gibborim during their earlier chat. Stark contacted Dr Strange about that and Stephen filled him in. Then they called in the rest of the gang.

Phillippe Briones
Jeff Huett
John Rauch
Juan Doe (Cover Penciler)
Juan Doe (Cover Inker)
Juan Doe (Cover Colorist)


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Doctor Strange

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