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Iron Man #7: Review

Mar 2021
Christopher Cantwell, Cafu

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4 stars

Iron Man #7 Review by (March 19, 2021)
Moondragon used Titanian tech to give Hellcat psi powers between Avengers #151 and Defenders #44. But what Moondragon gave she later took (mostly) away.

Hellcat makes a reference to almost being Valedictorian in High School in Patsy & Hedy #95. This was near the end of the 50's to 60's run of that comics, and as such is difficult to correlate with modern Marvel's sliding timescale. Even more so are her earlier apps dating back to Miss America Magazine #2 dated Nov 1944. It is usually considered that all these issues were actually comics written by her mother, but even that stretches the timeline too much.

Scarlet Spider is of course a clone of Peter Parker created by mad university science professor Miles Warren, a student of the High Evolutionary.

I recognise some of the aliens at the end as a Gegku, a Mekkan and a Tekton. But 1 of them looks more like Boba Fett.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Korvac has returned as an android and intends to regain his old godlike powers from Galactus' worldship Taa II, which is where he obtained them last time. He's already gained *some* power and some faithful followers and they're heading out into space. Iron Man and Hellcat gathered some other under-the-radar help and are following. But in #5 Korvac broke Tony Stark's neck and now only his boosted armour is enabling him to function.

New char Halcyon is a whiz with racing cars and is enjoying the heck out of driving his 1st FTL starship. James Rhodes is worried about helping Tony beef up the power of his armour even more, but Stark says he knows the imperfection of Korvac's android body and 1 crack in his shell will be enough. Then it's Rhodey's turn to have his War Machine armour upgraded. Misty Knight has sent out an interstellar call for help. Young Frog-Man is thinking up names for the team. Misty wonders what kind of 'god' they are facing. Scarlet Spider opines that Korvac is just like them, a collection of atoms that thinks it's a person. But Froggie thinks that's what a test-tube clone like him *would* think. Gargoyle caps the conversation with his view that god is balance and we worship him by maintaining balance in ourselves and the universe.

Tony is chatting with the remaining member of the team Hellcat. Patsy Walker is worried that Korvac knows they're after him because of the connection he has in her head, like when he gave her a glimpse of his future utopia (last issue). Stark suggests they could use the connection to get inside the foe's head. She used to have mental abilities so maybe she can reach out to him.

Korvac is in the control room of *his* spaceship, with Blizzard and Unicorn piloting. Unicorn points out that Stark's ship is gaining on them. Blizzard comments that Stark has obviously built a better spaceship than Korvac. 'God' takes this as a sign of wavering faith and angrily almost gouges Donnie Gill's eyes out. He orders Unicorn to slow down and they'll destroy the enemy ship. But then he's distracted ...

... and finds himself with Hellcat in the 2-mooned mind-scene from last issue. And Iron Man joins them, asking Korvac to tell them more about the future paradise of universal harmony. The would-be god explains that everything in the universe will become 1 entity he calls the Aggregate. Stark guesses that Korvac will be that entity, but his opponent says that he will be just 1 more seamless part of the whole. He shows them a future of crystalline animal-like bodies which he says are extensions of the Aggregate, the same all over the universe. Patsy and Tony both think the idea sucks, but Korvac just says they are too limited to appreciate his vision. Tony describes it as just a big vanity project ...

... and then he disappears from the mindscape. Hellcat assumes Korvac got rid of him, but the villain claims it's nothing to do with *him* - Stark just ran away. And then he turns Patsy into 1 of the crystalline beasts so she can experience the future 1st-hand.

Back on the chasing ship Misty Knight checks on Patsy and Tony. She reports to the others that Hellcat is just lying on the floor. And Iron Man was there too but then he vanished. Korvac is mentally back in *his* ship and orders Blizzard to man the aft cannons and Controller to ready the missile chambers. And he tells Unicorn to turn the ship to face the foe. Rhodey is at the control's of *our* ship with Halcyon. They start a dogfight.

Meanwhile Iron Man is in some place where many of his armour's systems don't work, and his AI can't figure out where they are. He too thinks Korvac sent him here. And then he's accosted by a bunch of various aliens who call themselves the Colony Patrol and want to take him into custody as an unauthorised presence here.

Frank D'Armata
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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War Machine
War Machine

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Plus: Blizzard, Frog-Man, Halcyon, Korvac, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Unicorn.

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