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Loki #2: Review

Aug 2019
Daniel Kibblesmith, Oscar Bazaldua

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The God Who Fell to Earth Chapter Two: Can I Help You?

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4.5 stars

Loki #2 Review by (February 19, 2020)

Review: So Loki wants to be a hero. Well, he’s been everything else so why not that? He isn’t content to be content with a guaranteed happy ending and it looks like the mystery kids in the “House of Ideas” will oblige him, whether he wants it or not. And Nightmare is again a terrifying presence as anyone who has had a nightmare can attest and now poor Megan is having a waking nightmare in a very sinister subplot, merely because the powerful villain was humiliated by a snowman. More to come.

Comments: On his visit to Tony Stark, Loki is wearing a t-shirt that says, “Low Key.” (Say it out loud.) The House of Ideas was introduced in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #9-10, the name taken from a nickname for Marvel Comics back in the day.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Loki #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Loki arrives at the headquarters of Stark Unlimited, wishing to speak to Tony Stark; Tony indicates he is not welcome and then drops the trickster through a trapdoor into a basement lab where Loki is shackled to a wall with a massive gun pointed at him. Tony asks him to state his business in three words. Loki replies, “Thor sent me” and that does the trick. He relates how Thor took him to the Library of All-Knowing and showed him from the Books of Loki that he will have a happy ending, that they have broken free of the cycle of Ragnarok. But Loki said all he wanted was to rule in his realm and act as hero to Midgard, building up to a request to join the Avengers. Thor laughed but Loki tells Tony that Thor said to ask him….

Nightmare, having been swallowed and excreted back into his own world by Frosti (last issue), he emerges into the bad dreams of executive Megan Loeb; he uses her to move into he real world of her apartment and, in a bad mood, he promises to make her life a living nightmare. And as he departs, Megan finds her wife Robyn is gone….

After much banter wherein Loki explains why he would make an ideal Avenger, Tony denies his application. Loki mentions how he destroyed Tony’s sky casino but Tony doesn’t have one so that misfired. Finally Tony tells him that he can prove he’s worthy to be an Avenger by coming there carrying Thor’s hammer, and then ushers him out. Loki walks down the street pondering this and wondering why he is being watched by an owl in the daytime….

At yesterday’s meeting with Thor in the Library, the Thunder God laughed and departed, telling Loki to be content with his happy ending. Loki was then pulled into another part of the Library, past a panorama of all the events of his life and met by a pair of bizarre-looking children who welcomed him to the “House of Ideas….”

Oscar Bazaldua
Oscar Bazaldua
David Curiel
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Penciler)
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Inker)
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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(Loki Laufeyson)


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