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Loki #4: Review

Oct 2019
Daniel Kibblesmith, Oscar Bazaldua

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The God Who Fell to Earth Conclusion: “Loki, There Shall Be an Ending”

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4 stars

Loki #4 Review by (April 13, 2020)

Review: A nice wrap up to Loki’s first story arc and it’s hurt by weaker art than we’ve been seeing. Everyone looks like a little kid. But Loki’s clever takedown of Nightmare makes up for it (somewhat) and a sort-of happy ending for Megan helps. So will the God of Lies become an Avenger? We’ll see. And we’ll also find out about that Unfather thing, which also looks promising. Unfortunately, this title is ending with issue #5, so these questions have been bequeathed to the writer for the upcoming new Thor series, to do with (or not) as he will. 


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Loki #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As a child, Loki never felt he fit into Asgard; Odin told him he belonged there and never to forget it. Loki said, “I belong here.” It was his first lie….

Loki is held in a grip by Nightmare who is trying to convince him that he is hallucinating a life while dying in his father Laufey’s stomach…but Loki doesn’t believe him. This was a false fear Loki had implanted in his mind for Nightmare to use against him. Loki headbutts his foe and they return to the courtyard of Stark Unlimited where Loki invites Nightmare to look into his mind again. Nightmare learns that Loki’s true greatest fear is getting everything he had ever schemed and killed for, only to discover he didn’t want it, broken beyond repair, never to be a hero—which is his normal life. Nightmare tries a physical attack wielding a stop sign; Loki counters with Thor’s ax Jarnbjorn and they duel until Megan Loeb arrives to shoot Nightmare. Since they are at a standstill and every venue and method of fighting has its drawbacks, Loki suggests they battle as mortals, winner take all. As they are counting down to begin the duel, Loki takes out a stolen remote, starts up the experimental car Tony Stark was building, and has it crash out of Stark’s window, falling square upon Nightmare, killing him, as he is now a mortal. And as a mortal who had not sinned, Nightmare finds himself in the presence of the One-Above-All, the God of Love, which is the last place he would want to be. Loki advises Megan to seek out Robyn and start up where they left off. Thor and Iron Man arrive and congratulate him on his first act of heroism. They banter about his being able to bear Mjolnir as they go off together…

On a future Midgard, the mystery, Mjolnir-wielding figure saves the little girl from the storm—and then the Unfather arrives to face the fallen Loki—it is Thor….

Oscar Bazaldua
Oscar Bazaldua
David Curiel
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Penciler)
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Inker)
Ozgur Yildirim (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Loki Laufeyson)


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