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Mighty Avengers, The #2: Review

Apr 2007
Brian Michael Bendis, Frank Cho

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The Mighty Avengers part 2

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4 stars

Mighty Avengers, The #2 Review by (March 3, 2015)
As mentioned last issue the Official Index separates the flashbacks from the main story by very much more than the hour stated here. And it makes the main story not the team's 1st adventure. Wonder Man has vacillated between superheroing and acting since original Avengers #182, sometimes doing both at the same time as in his 1991 series. Black Widow and Nick Fury go way back as partners-in-SHIELD. Nick hired her 1st in orig Av#38. Fury got thrown out of SHIELD after his Secret War with Latveria. Presumably his replacement Maria Hill didn't trust her. Maybe Tony Stark didn't reinstate her as a field agent when he took over SHIELD because Fury is now an undercover thorn in the side of the Registration Act supporters. However it's not been shown before that Natasha was so dependent on SHIELD that she'd have to put up with any job they gave her. Indeed, in the time since Secret War, and often before, she's been seen on non-SHIELD operations. Hank Pym and Jan Van Dyne were married in orig Av#60, and divorced after #214. They were reconciled after Avengers Disassembled in Avengers Finale. They'd broken up again by the Beyond! mini-series, but by that time Hank had been replaced by a Skrull so maybe that had something to do with it. The last panel reveal that the enemy is Ultron is rather spoiled by the picture of Ultron's head on the cover. Ultron was created by Jan's then-boyfriend Henry Pym, and the jealous robot tried to create a bride with Jan's mind in orig Av#161-162. The result was the robot Jocasta. Ultron has rebuilt himself many times with different version nos, and some versions have coexisted or reappeared after being superceded. This version isn't given a number. The last appearance of an Ultron (which Wikipedia thinks is a returning Ultron-13) was in Runaways (2005) #3-6 where he tried to retrieve his 'son' Victor Mancha.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Mighty Avengers, The #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue again contains a sequence of flashbacks interwoven with the main story. Last issue's flashbacks had Tony Stark and Carol Danvers choosing the new team and recruiting Ares. This issue's flashbacks show them recruiting the rest of the mob. I'll deal with the flashbacks 1st.

Simon Williams' acting career is going nowhere, and his agent wants him to star in a reality show based around his superhero life. So he jumps at the chance when Iron Man and Ms Marvel ask him to be an Avenger as Wonder Man.

In the Watchtower on top of Avengers Tower Bob Reynolds is having 1 of his awkward conversations with his wife Lindy. He's still in therapy to integrate his Bob/Sentry personae, and still worrying about how to prioritise things that need Sentry's attention. Lindy is not happy when IM and MsM come recruiting. Carol is also worried about Bob's mental state in battle.

Natasha Romanoff is teaching unarmed combat in the SHIELD helicarrier, and easily beats the whole class at once. She's actually taking out on them her frustration at being taken off SHIELD field operations because she was too close to the disgraced Nick Fury. So Black Widow too is happy to become an Avenger again.

Fashion designer Janet Van Dyne is ignoring her ex-husband Henry Pym's phone calls and despairing over her latest designs when Carol comes calling. She tries to resist the call to arms, saying it would be running away from her problems. Carol rewords it as returning to the thing she's best at, and Wasp doesn't need more persuading.

In the main story Mole Man had attacked Manhattan with Moloids and giant monsters because something had devastated his underground kingdom. Meanwhile the world is awash with natural disasters and extreme weather. During the battle last issue Iron Man changed into seemingly a naked female.

Team leader Ms Marvel restrains Ares from attacking before they know what their foe is. Wasp thinks it's a copy of herself. The woman admits to being accidentally responsible for the underground destruction, and Mole Man sends his monsters against her. Carol tells Sentry to protect what is presumably Tony Stark's body, but he's frozen in confusion.

Ares won't hold back any more. So MsM reluctantly commits the whole team to follow him into battle. Ares and Sentry get there 1st, but the woman hits them with a lightning strike. And then she emits a wave which melts Moley's monsters.

Mole Man and his Moloids retreat underground. Black Widow discovers that comms with SHIELD's helicarrier is down. Carol orders everyone to stay back as she goes forward to talk to the woman. But BW takes aim with a sniper rifle.

The woman ignores everyone else and chooses to goad Ares into attacking again. But she effortlessly stops him with 1 hand, and snaps his axe with a thought. Then she sends an energy bolt through his chest. Sentry pulls him away, but their foe just redirects the bolt through both of them.

Ms Marvel orders a retreat until they can figure out a plan. But Wasp takes her turn to chat with the woman who looks like her. The woman is still not forthcoming, except to claim that she isn't Tony Stark/Iron Man. She says she's using Jan's features because she loves her.

Wasp returns to the others and says they'll have to contact Hank Pym, because that woman is his creation Ultron.

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Frank Cho
Frank Cho
Jason Keith
Frank Cho (Cover Penciler)
Frank Cho (Cover Inker)
Frank Cho (Cover Colorist)


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