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Mighty Avengers, The #9: Review

Feb 2008
Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley

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4 stars

Mighty Avengers, The #9 Review by (May 11, 2015)
Marko Djurdjevic is the penciller for the opening 3 pages featuring Morgan Le Fey. This is the 2nd issue this month as they try to catch up after several missed months. lists these 3 issues as Doom's Castle!: Parts 1-3. But actually only next issue is given a title, and that's not it. Dr Doom and Morgan have history in Iron Man #150, where DD and IM were sent back to Arthurian times via the time platform. Doom is with Morgan this time several centuries after the Arthurian age would be (if it really existed). Suggestions I have made to the Marvel Chronology Project would change the sequence of Dr Doom's recent appearances. Bringing things into line with the timelines of Beast and Dr Strange mean that his immediately previous apps would be in the X-Men's Endangered Species story arc in the 2nd stories in X-Men #200 and Uncanny X-Men #488. DD will get imprisoned by SHIELD at the end of #11, and he (basically) stays there until Dark Reign. My attempt to explain away other apps between these points moves the Sub-Mariner: Revolution and Penance: Relentless mini-series to before Endangered Species.


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Mighty Avengers, The #9 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Dr Doom is using his time platform to visit Morgan Le Fey in the 13th Century. Apparently he comes to see her frequently. She accuses him of not just wanting her for her body, but to learn her dark sorcery. Victor Von Doom admits to both. She now says she wants him to bring her something useful from the future in payment. Doom doesn't want to risk damage to the timestream. Morgan says don't come back without something. They both finish by threatening each other, which I think for them is a kind of playful afterplay.

Doom returns to the present to hear that while he was away a cannister of Venom virus was accidentally dropped from his satellite onto New York (the last 2 issues). Now the Mighty Avengers and SHIELD have arrived in Latveria to hold him to account.

Doom raises his castle's defenses. Ares God of War has studied SHIELD's plans of the castle. Wasp is piloting a quinjet with the 2 of them plus Black Widow and Spider-Woman (Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Sentry and Wonder Man are flying under their own power). Ares grabs the controls and advises the 3 women to evacuate the craft, which they do. Then he rams the jet through the front gate blowing it wide open.

Ares immediately leaps into the fray against an army of Doombots (and other mechs), followed by the others. Cue 3 2-page spreads of mayhem.

Iron Man abandons the battle to confront Doom himself and arrest him, but Doom isn't going to come quietly. So it's armour vs armour, strength vs strength, energies vs energies. Stark has a satellite gearing up to attack the castle in 4 minutes, while Doom prepares to add magic to the mix.

Doom's magic strikes. IM's armour starts failing. Ms Marvel sends Sentry in to help. Bob Reynolds' blows cause Victor's armour to fail too. And the concussion from the blows brings part of the castle down around them all. They land on the time platform, which is going haywire. There's an explosion and they vanish.

When the rest of the Avengers get there, the platform is damaged and still acting up. And no-one knows where the trio might have ended up.

Bur we see Shellhead as his system reboots. The lack of Internet and the artwork coloured in dots suggests that this is some decades in the past. And then Dr Doom finds him, and blames him for everything.

Mark Bagley
Marko Djurdjevic
Justin Ponsor
Mark Bagley (Cover Penciler)
John Dell (Cover Inker)


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