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Order, The #1: Review

Sep 1999
Mary Jo Duffy, Matt Haley

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The Best Defense

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3 stars

Order, The #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Has small number 13 inside of large #1 on cover to symbolize continuance of number from Defenders vol. II.


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Order, The #1 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick
Nighthawk is at the top of the Himalaya mountains freezing, unable to fly due to his frozen jetpack and non working teleportation ring. In the Arab country of Halwan explosions are heard as the gray Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange, and the Silver Surfer arrive. The warn the army to stand down and that the countrys brutalities are forbidden, announcing themselves as the Order. The Hulk destroys tanks, Namor fights infantry, the Surfer foils biological agents and Dr. Strange sends a jet into another dimension. A soldier screams epithets at them for being American and the Surfer replies saying America is Next. In New York, the new Valkyrie attempts to explain to her rich parents that she is now a superhero with the help of Hellcat. Papa Hagg, spiritual advisor to Nighthawk enters the room looking for Nighthawk. With the help of the magic ring, Nighthawk is transported to New York. While recovering, Nighthawk explains that the curse which once bound the Defenders together continued despite their efforts to convince the Earth-spirt Gaea to lift it. The Order then attacks the US Naval fleet in Norfolk, VA destroying many ships. Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Valkyrie arrive and attack the Order with no success. The gray Hulk does not fight this time, as his green alter ego screams inside of his mind. The Order proclaims their victory over the ruins of the American Naval fleet.

Matt Haley
Dan Panosian


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