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Order, The #3: Review

Jun 2002
Mary Jo Duffy, Matt Haley

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Ultimatum: Avengers!

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3 stars


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Order, The #3 Synopsis by Fabian D'Souza
As we had seen previously, the curse of Yandorth had made Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor and Silver Surfer more violent in their cause to protect the Earth. Nighthawk therefore beseeched Papa Hag to try and break the curse. Currently, Papa Hag says that there is more to the curse than meets the eye. He says that apart from the curse pulling The Order together in the event of a global threat, it has also made them separate from their humanity. He says that to find a cure, he will require a female counterpart for each member of the Order. Nighthawk, Valkyrie & Hellcat say that they will do all they can to help and depart in search of the counterparts.

Elsewhere, the Avengers are locked in battle with the Order. They are trying to subdue the Order lest they cause further damage on the pretext of saving the Earth. On their quest, Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat first stop off at the Avengers H.Q. to enlist She-Hulk. Their next stop is Atlantis- to enlist Namorita- and finally Dormammu's dimension to enlist Sorceress Clea. After a grueling battle, the war is finally over. The Order emerges victorious.

Following their return home, Nighthawk apprises Papa Hag of their success in enlisting She-Hulk, Namorita and Sorceress Clea but asks Papa Hag how they are supposed to find a counterpart for Silver Surfer. Papa Hag says that he knows of a way, and tells them all to prepare themselves as the procedure will call upon every iota of their physical and mental strength.

Matt Haley
Dan Panosian


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Jennifer Walters)

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