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Secret Avengers #31: Review

Sep 2012
Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera

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Into the Void

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Secret Avengers #31 Review by (November 23, 2021)

Review: And Remender has finally done it! Written an issue where the plot and the art actually work together for an entertaining exciting read! A highlight of this chapter in the arc is the battle between a late-coming Black Widow and an evil Hawkeye and it’s a real nail-biter. Even with a human squid mixing in. One more issue to wrap this up!

Comments: Part three of four parts.  


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Avengers #31 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Bagalia, Taskmaster, wearing the combined Crowns, has extended the control of the Abyss over everyone’s minds, including those of Hawkeye and Valkyrie. The only ones immune are Venom (Flash Thompson) and Ant-Man, who are in hiding. The former knows it’s because of the Symbiote while Ant-Man suggests it may be because of his helmet but we know it’s really because he’s the Black Ant, an LMD, resistant to the Crown’s control. Then they see that the possessed villains are on the move….

Back at Lighthouse Station, Black Widow is trying to locate reinforcements from other Secret Avengers but Captain Britain and Giant-Man (Hank Pym) are busy fighting a swarm of Ultravisions….

Max Fury pleads with Taskmaster to let him serve the Abyss because of all he’s done as head of the Shadow Council but he’s seen as a false man….

Venom and Ant-Man discover that the controlled bad guys are heading to the airport; mission: depart and spread the Abyss all around the world. Venom sabotages the first plane on the runway and ends up fighting Vengeance. Ant-Man summons swarms of insects to damage all of the jets’ engines but controlled Hawkeye fires an arrow that exterminates most of the bugs. Ant-Man is able to shrink Venom to get him away from Vengeance while they think of another plan. The one remaining plane has taken off with its complement of possessed villains….

At the Lighthouse, Black Widow awakens the damaged Human Torch from his healing cryosleep to watch young Parvez while she teleports aboard that plan from Bagalia. She fights Hawkeye and Squid, the side of the plane being blown out by an exploding arrow, sucking Nat and Squid out of the jet. She hurls a grenade at the engine but Hawkeye is able to shoot it away before it explodes….

Venom and Ant-Man are spying on Taskmaster, seeking an opportunity to steal the Crown but then they are discovered by the possessed Val….

Matteo Scalera
Matteo Scalera
Matthew Wilson
Arthur Adams (Cover Penciler)
Arthur Adams (Cover Inker)
Jason Keith (Cover Colorist)


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Black Ant
Black Ant

(Eric O'Grady LMD)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)

(Hank Pym)

(Clint Barton)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)


Plus: Abyss, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Max Fury, Shadow Council, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Venom (Flash Thompson).

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