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Secret Invasion #1: Review

Apr 2008
Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu

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Secret Invasion

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4 stars

Secret Invasion #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
S.W.O.R.D. is the acronym for Sentient World Observation and Response Department, the planet’s counter-terrorism and intelligence agency which deals with extraterrestrial threats.

Stark systems could not stop or inoculate the software virus but detected it as “alien”, which is strange. If you think about it, “alien” code will just not run in “local” computer systems, making infection impossible.

Secret Invasion #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Mr Fantastic must fake surprise when Iron Man shows him the body of Skrull-Elektra because he's already been shown it in Illuminati #5. Henry Pym must fake surprise because *he's* a Skrull.

The New Avengers arrive at Avengers Tower via Cloak's cloak, to steal the quinjet. Dr Strange isn't with the NAv because he's recovering from World War Hulk. Wasp isn't shown with the Mighty Av this issue but she must just be too small to see because she's here next ish.

The place where the NAv crash in the Savage Land is a ruin that Luke Cage says it's the place where the original New Avengers had their 1st battle, but it looks different now. He is presumably referring to the Mutates' base in NAv#5. But it already looked as ruined in NAv#6 as it does now. There's possibly some extra machinery there, but is this never explained.

Skrull-Jarvis disables StarkTech worldwide with a computer virus. MAv#15 explains how the Skrull-Henry Pym learned how to compromise StarkTech when Ultron did it in MAv#1-6. And MAv#14 shows Tony Stark giving Skrull-Jarvis complete access to the Avengers computer system, where he introduces the virus.

We never actually learn when Jarvis got Skrulled. But Dum-Dum Dugan was replaced in SI: Prologue, and MAv#15 covers the replacement of Henry Pym.

I have briefly described these and other events relevant to the build-up towards this Invasion in comments attached to SI Saga, SI: Who Do You Trust, SI Prologue and Illuminati #5 in that order.

There are several other issues which tie in to this 1:-
(The sequence of events in my comments on this series is based on the Marvel Chronology Project Forum thread here, but I have moved around some of the elements.)

Iron Man (2005) #33(p1-2:4) repeats the failure of Iron Man's armour, and of StarkTech in the SHIELD helicarrier (except it's moved from New York to the Bernmuda Triangle!) and the Raft prison symptomatic of the worldwide failure. It also includes StarkTech failure at the Initiative HQ and training base at Camp Hammond.
Av:Initiative #15(p4:4-7) shows the StarkTech failing in 3-D Man's quinjet, and crashing in New Mexico. Then it picks up the hint from this issue and shows War Machine affected, and he's saved by a power boost from Baron Blitzschlag.
MAv#19(4:6-5) duplicates the scene in the Cube here where the StarkTech failure disrupts the system by which Marvel Boy kept the guards and prisoners under control, and he decides it's time to leave and hunt Skrulls.
Punisher War Journal (2007) #24(p4-5) shows StarkTech failure at SHIELD Grey Box Facility 17 automated prison freeing Frank Castle. He stops to warn all the other prisoners not to try to escape or he'll kill them.

Thunderbolts #122 (p14-15) shows Swordsman explaining how he's given some of his skin to his sister Andrea Strucker so she can use their combined power. Then it interpolates panels of the scene from here where Captain Marvel starts to attack Thunderbolts Mountain.

SI:FF#1(p6-11) replays the Skrull-Invisible Woman opening the Negative Zone portal to suck the Baxter Building into it. Human Torch and Thing protect Franklin and Valeria Richards as they pass though. The top floors of the BB end up floating in the Neg Zone.

Nova (2007) #16-17(p1-3) The original Super-Skrull helps Nova against some of the new Super-Skrulls. Kl'rt tells him about the jihad approaching Earth, which he doesn't agree with. They arrive here at the same time as the Armada. Kl'rt pretends to kill Nova to infiltrate the Invasion, but actually protects him with a forcefield.
PWJ#24(p6-7) By the time Punisher gets out he sees the Skrull armada over Manhattan.
MAv#18(p21-22) Nick Fury and his Secret Avengers see the worldwide Skrull armada on viewscreens.
SI: Front Line #1(p1-15) Various people witness the armada over Manhattan. Johnny Bryant who's been having a bad day - he caught his wife cheating, and Spider-Man and Menace trashed his cab. Melanie Crane who visits her father Vincent in Avengers Tower, angry that her parents are going to divorce. Ben Urich who is interviewing Dr Molly Young in Empire State Hospital A&E.
SI:ASM #1(p1-13) While Spidey's off in the Savage Land this follows Jackpot and others of his supporting cast. She's in The DB offices with her Superhuman Registration Act union rep demanding an apology for the paper's libel about her. Dexter Bennett calls for the police. Then the Skrull spaceship arrives.
SI: Home Invasion #1(p15)-2(p1) When Kinsey awakes after the crash she finds herself alone in the car with the alien gun, and alien warships overhead. She staggers out of the car and collapses.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Invasion #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
When the Skrulls home world known as Throneworld was destroyed years ago, the Skrull Queen was re-established to power, and based on religious scriptures, dictated what “shall be done.” Today, Tony Stark (Iron Man) reveals to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Hank Pym (Yellow Jacket) that Skrulls have infiltrated Earth disguised as regular humans, or super heroes, but are totally undetectable (to mutant powers, magic-based power, and technologies). Bringing the dead Skrull posing as Elektra as proof, Tony asks the two geniuses to discover why they’re undetectable, and when the infiltration started (though Tony isn’t sure if he’s speaking to Skrulls impostors or not).

Meanwhile, and during Commander Dum Dum Dugan visit to the Peak (S.W.O.R.D.’s headquarters orbiting Earth), monitors detect a Skrull ship that crash lands in the Savage Land. Iron Man orders Spider Woman to gather the Mighty Avengers, and get the Quinjet ready. But she also informs of the ship landing to Luke Cage, leader of the underground New Avengers, who (defeat the Black Widow and) steal the Quinjet to fly to the Antarctica. Stark’s Mighty Avengers reach it soon after, but it is Cage who opens a gate of the Skrull ship. At that precise moment, Dugan, a covert Skrull agent, detonates destroying the Peak. And Jarvis the butler, another Skrull, infects Avengers computers with a software virus which seriously affects all of Stark Industries facilities, and technology, like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (falls from the sky), and the Iron Man armor (shocking Tony because his armor is bounded to his organism). The full systems malfunction also affects the Raft (Ryker’s maximum-maximum security installation) and the Cube (Maximum Security Penitentiary, conducted by Noh-Varr A.K.A. Marvel Boy), allowing super villain prisoners to escape.

Elsewhere, the Skrull Captain Marvel attacks Thunderbolts mountain. A Skrull posing as Sue Storm opens a Negative Zone portal that starts engulfing the Baxter building. In the Savage Land, a large group of super heroes that look from the past and include Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, come out from the Skrull ship and don’t recognize their present-time counterparts. In space, S.W.O.R.D. agent Brand who survived the blast thanks to a protecting bubble, witnesses the arrival of many Skrull spaceships. And finally, when Mr. Fantastic discovers how the Skrulls made themselves undetectable, Pym, a Skrull, knocks him out with a shot to the head.

As the attacks were perpetrated, Skrulls uttered the phrase “He loves you.”

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Leinil Francis Yu
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Plus: Abigail Brand, Echo (Maya Lopez), Franklin Richards.

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