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Secret Invasion #2: Review

May 2008
Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu

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4 stars

Secret Invasion #2 Review by (July 19, 2016)
Sentry was 'forgotten' twice by the world but he agreed to it to keep his evil self Void in check. In his original series it was revealed that he'd been active in the early Marvel Age, but had now reawoken. He was submerged again, to be revived again in New Avengers #1.

I'm not sure that Spider-Man's underarm webbing is a sure indicator of an early version. It's existence seemed to vary depending on the artist. For instance Todd McFarlane liked it in his run in the early 300's. But it seems to have fallen out of favour since him.

Mockingbird supposedly died in Av West Coast #100. We will learn at the end of this series that a Skrull *did* replace her before that. But the character in *this* issue still isn't Bobbi Morse.

There are many issues that tie-in to this 1.

Mighty Av #14(p13-16:1) shows the battle in the Savage Land and Vision's defeat of Sentry.
NAv#41(p1) and SI: Who Do You Trust #1/3(p1) show the dinosaur attack.
NAv#41(p2-3) Current Spider-Man gets tossed a long way away by the dinosaur.
SI:WDYT#1/3(p2:1-2:3) The current Wonder Man and the early Beast are knocked through a hole in the ground into a cave.
MAv#14(p16:2-18) Sentry flees to Saturn and curls into a foetal ball.
SI:WDYT#1/3(p2:4-8) Beast and Wonder Man recover to find their entrance is blocked. The old buddies discuss the past and the present as they fight their way past a giant snake to another exit. But they both think the other is a Skrull, and early Beast traps current WM with a rockfall as he escapes.

SI: FANTASTIC FOUR #1(p12) shows a crowd seeing the hole to the Negative Zone where the top of the Baxter Building used to be.
SI:FF#1 (13-22) Thing hides Franklin and Valeria as Neg Zone insectoids break in. Human Torch confronts Invisible Girl, who claims Thing is a Skrull. HT doesn't believe her so she reveals herself as his Skrull ex-wife Lyja.

SI:FF#2 HT fights Lyja outside the Building until they have to team-up to save themselves from a space jellyfish, and Lyja passes out. Franklin and Valeria find an armoured and weaponed pod MrF made for them and save Thing from a space octopus. Their Neg Zone portal is bust, so Franklin suggests they go to the Neg Zone prison MrF built for Civil War to find a genius supervillain who can get them back to Earth.

SI: Runaways/Young Av #1(p3-7) The Runaways, including Skrull Xavin, are showing Klara Prast, a young girl from the past, around New York. They see the arrival of the Skrull armada and Skrulls landing in Manhattan. Xavin turns on his friends.
New Warriors(2007)#14(p1-5) The New Warriors witness the armada and Skrulls in Manhattan.
SI: Front Line #1(p16-18) As the Skrulls land Av Tower is affected by the virus and goes into lockdown, trapping Vincent Crane and his daughter Melanie inside along with many others.

SI:ASM #1(p14-22) As the Skrull super-warriors land Harry Osborn and Lily Hollister get trapped between 2 of them. Another disguised as Spider-Man enters the DB offices demanding to know where the real Spidey is. Jackpot fights him and he shifts to his full Super-Skrull form.
SI:ASM#2 1 of the Super-Skrulls chases Harry and Lily in a car and causes them to crash. But then Menace zooms past and zaps the Skrull. Officer Vin Gonzales, Peter Parker's flatmate, has been sent to investigate the earlier disturbance at the DB. He meets Jackpot, Betty Brant, Dexter Bennett and Robbie Robinson on the way out and escapes with them in Robbie's car with Jackpot on the roof. The Spider-Skrull follows them and has a running fight with Jackpot. They go to the Baxter Building but the top floors have gone. They go to Av Tower but it's in lockdown. Jackpot gets separated and is attacked by Menace. The Skrull catches the others and demands to know which of them is Spider-Man.

SI:ASM#3(p1-19) Jackpot and Menace fight until they land on the Skrull who's menacing Betty Brant, etc. Menace staggers away and the Skrull goes after Jackpot, until she traps him in a freezer in a warehouse.

SI:FL#1(p19-22) Johnny Bryant escapes from some Skrulls in his taxi. Empire State A&E barricades it's doors against the Skrulls. But Phil Urich persuades Dr Molly Young to reopen them for casualties. Unfortunately a human-looking Skrull sneaks in.
SI:R/YAv#1(p8) The YAv, including Kree/Skrull Hulkling, go into action to protect the citizens of Manhattan. The Skrulls detect Hulkling.

NW#14(p6-22) Night Thrasher's viewscreens show the whole world invaded, and YAv fighting Skrulls in Manhattan. The NW arrive back at their HQ but NT tells them to sit tight while he goes off on a quest of his own. The Skrulls have given him the idea that maybe the NW who died in Stamford and kicked off the Civil War were Skrulls, so maybe his brother Dwayne is still alive. He goes to their old house but is met by ex-NWer Justice and his Counter-Force. The NW follow NT and defeat a Super-Skrull along the way. They arrive in time for a fight.
NW#15(p1-20) The NW and CF fight, until NT stops them by revealing that he is Donyell Taylor, the original NT's brother. He explains his Skrull theory. Both teams go to a SHIELD helicarrier where the Stamford NW bodies are stored. They join a fight against Skrulls while Justice and NT check the bodies' DNA. The teams leave but take the bodies with them for burial.

Deadpool(2008)#1 In the Atlanta Braves stadium DP kills Skrulls and a Super-Skrull, and then offers to join their army.
DP#2(p1-7:4) They don't believe him and take him to their Cheyenne Mountain base for study. When they discover his extreme regenerative abilities they decide to incorporate his DNA in the next batch of Super-Skrulls.

SI:FL#2 At the A&E the Skrull reveals himself and wrecks the place. Dr Young dies and Ben Urich flees. Officer Bill Dawson is injured by a Super-Skrull. Lisa Dobson helps him, and they get involved with a busfull of passengers menaced by more Skrulls. Inside Av Tower Vincent Crane leads Melanie and others down the emergency stairway past a room full of dead bodies and an apparently cannibal Skrull. Johnny Bryant's cab is attacked by Super-Skrulls but he's saved by YAv.
MAv#14(p19-22) YAv fight Skrulls in Manhattan as a Super-Skrull attacks Lindy Reynolds in Sentry's Watchtower. The Sentry turns up as the Void to save her.
SI: Home Invasion #2(p2-12)3(p1-9) When Kinsey comes to again Ethan and Ali are back with paramedics. But Super-Skrulls are rampaging through town and wreck the ambulance. The 3 teens run through the streets seeing more Skrulls attacking the police. They see the Baxter Building with a forcefield globe where the FF's top floors used to be. Ali loses it and starts screaming for the Skrulls to kill her and end it. Kinsey and Ethan go after her, and Ali changes her mind when she sees a Skrull telekinetically hurling debris through the air. The other 3 pull her to safety but it's too late, she's got a spike of metal through her belly. Then YAv Hulkling and Wiccan find them. But Kinsey doesn't trust Hulkling who is green and can transform to a normal human. She threatens them with the alien gun, until it disappears from her hand. Fellow YAv Speed has taken it and Ali to hospital. He zips back and returns the gun as the others explain about the invasion of shape-changing alien Skrulls, and how her brother might be 1. This freaks Kinsey out because it might mean *she's* 1 too. The heroes tell the 2 teens to run away while they head for the fighting in Times Square.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Invasion #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The bulk of this issue is taken up with conflict in the Savage Land between the assembled Mighty and New Avengers and the out-of-time heroes who've escaped from the crashed Skrull spaceship. Both sides suspect the others are Skrulls. Meanwhile Iron Man's armour has failed and is killing him.

Ares tries to take command of his side. He believes this is a trap and a diversion. He orders the Avengers to go back to the US to face the Skrulls there. He will deal with the opposition here.

But some of the Avenging teams have personal issues to face. Luke Cage sees his old Power Man self with his wife Jessica Jones in her very early Jewel costume. Ronin (Clint Barton) sees his old self Hawkeye with his dead ex-wife Mockingbird. Wonder Man faces his old self with his pal Beast. Ms Marvel, Spider-Man and Wolverine also seemingly face their younger selves (MsM's in her earliest costume). Early Thor is there too. Lone young Invisible Woman suggests that her husband Mr Fantastic would be able to figure out what was happening.

Tempers flare and the battle begins. Ms Marvel takes the injured Iron Man to safety while other combatants pair off.

Vision fights our Sentry, but his successful technique is to pretend to be Bob Reynolds' evil side the Void and claim that this is all Sentry/Void's twisted plan to get revenge on the heroes who let him be forgotten. Sentry flees in dismay.

Ronin grabs Hawkeye's bow and arrows and wounds Beast and White Queen from hiding. He also fires at Captain America but Cap's quick reflexes save him with his shield. Clint begins to wonder if the newcomer really is Steve Rogers brought back to life.

Then a dinosaur rampages through the fight scene and scatters the combatants.

MsM takes IM to the Mutates' ruined base where they find signs of a massacre. Tony Stark sends her back to the US to warn other heroes - he fears the whole world is in danger. He will use the tech in this base to build a new armour that won't be infected by the virus.

Current Luke Cage and Wolverine find early Spider-Man (you can tell by the underarm webbing) dead, crushed by the dinosaur. And he's reverted to a Skrull. They also find Mockingbird cradling dead Hawkeye in her arms, also gone Skrull. She still claims not to be a Skrull - she says she suspected that they might have Skrull spies amongst them - but not Clint. Logan doesn't believe her, but Ronin steps in to defend her.

Current Clint reveals his identity to Bobbi Morse. He asks her a question only they would know the answer to - about a secret miscarriage she had early in their marriage. She answers correctly and Clint is sure she's the real deal. Luke Cage is forced to wonder whether he's married to a Skrull Jessica Jones. And Mockingbird insists that it's the real Cap who led their escape from the Skrulls.

That's the end of the Savage Land action for this issue.

In Manhattan the top floors of the Baxter Building have been replaced by a hole into the Negative Zone. And a band of Super-Skrulls lands.

Leinil Francis Yu
Mark Morales
Laura Martin
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Penciler)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Inker)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Colorist)


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