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Secret Invasion #7: Review

Oct 2008
Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu

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4 stars

Secret Invasion #7 Review by (November 8, 2016)
Human Torch appears to be carrying Ronin into battle on p2. But he and Thing are found still trapped inside the Negative Zone force bubble next issue.

Another possible mismatch is that Avengers Tower has been without power in SI: Front Line but here Jarvis and Jessica Jones have TV in the Avengers' own part. I think the Avengers have a backup generator, but it also means that at least the backup system didn't use StarkTech.


The Marvel Apes limited series had a backup series 'The Official History of the Marvel Apes Universe' narrated by the Ape Watcher. #4/2 is a sort-of tie-in to this issue because at the end the Watcher of Watchers turned up and made the Ape Watcher watch the 1st 2 pages of this battle.

Thunderbolts #125(p17-22) parallels the early part of the battle. It repeats scenes where Nick Fury and Norman Osborn trade insults, and then combine fire against giant Yellowjacket. Then he gives Bullseye permission to take the biggest gun he can find. The villain contemplates offing some heroes before shooting YJ in the eye. Osborn sees Iron Man leaving and urges his team to greater efforts. We see the President noting Tony Stark with disfavour and seeing Osborn in a good light.

SI:FL#5(p5:2-6:3) Ben Urich and Melanie Crane see Wasp growing and spewing toxin.

SI: Inhumans #3-4 The Skrulls have Black Bolt and his son Ahura. By threatening Ahura they persuade BB to destroy the Moon for them, with the Inhuman city Attilan on it. Meanwwhile Medusa leads the Inhuman royal family to meet with Ronan leader of the Kree. She wants to renew the old alliance between their people, and offers Ronan marriage to her sister Crystal to cement the deal. Karnak searches the Kree database on Skrull secrets and discovers a 3-pronged way to find out where the Skrulls have BB and Ahura. Medusa and Crystal get a Skrull comms officer from Thundra's women warriors on Earth. Karnak and Gorgon go to Rigel 3 to find a Recorder robot who knows the Skrulls comms encryption algorithm. Triton retrieves a Skrull comms hub from waterworld Pelagia. With these and a password from the comms officer Karnak is able to locate BB. Meanwhile BB has signaled Ahura to compel a Super-Skrull to free him. The others get there in time to help them escape.
Black Bolt returns to co-rule the Inhumans with his brother Maximus. Crystal agrees to marry Ronan.

SI: Fantastic Four #3 Human Torch, Thing and Franklin and Valeria Richards are in the Negative Zone in the FantasticCar heading for the Project 42 prison when the kids are carried off by spacebats. Johnny gets Val back, and the Skrull Lyja turns up to rescue Franklin. When they get there HT and Lyja stop to talk while Ben batters his way in.
Lyja goes over their past history briefly ending with her posing as Earth girl Laura Green before the FF disappeared in Heroes Reborn. Johnny says when they came back they couldn't find her, but Lyja says she wasn't hiding. Laura Green just took a job in a bookshop. But then the Skrull Queen Veranke came and told her to help them with the FF. They would take care of Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic, but Lyja would have the honour of killing the rest. But she says she sent their home atop the Baxter Building into the Neg Zone to *save* them.
Thing and the kids find the prison deserted of staff. They locate prisoner Tinkerer to help them get back home. He initially refuses because he says he was retired when SHIELD arrested him in front of his young grandkids for not Registering during Civil War - and he's been here ever since. But the kids emote him round. They all go back to the top floors of the Baxter Building and he fixes the portal that Lyja broke. She opts to stay in the Zone, and the rest return home to a devastated Manhattan, as the force bubble on top of the Baxter Building disappears.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Invasion #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This is the big battle issue as Earth's super-defenders fight the Skrull invaders in Central Park.

Last issue we saw the coming together of Captain America (Bucky) and Thor with the Mighty and New Avengers (alongside Abigail Brand, Ka-Zar and Mr Fantastic), the Thunderbolts, Hood's supervillains and Nick Fury's amalgamation of his Secret Warriors, some of the Young Avengers and some Initiative members. Daredevil joins in here, and we even get a 1-panel cameo of Howard the Duck. (Ms Marvel doesn't appear in this issue but she's shown in Thunderbolts #125 and SI: Front Line #5)

Iron Man takes charge even though his armour is crippled by the Skrulls' StarkTech virus. But then he's sent off to fix his suit. He tries and fails to contact SHIELD on the way.

Wasp targets the Skrull version of her ex-husband Yellowjacket. He grows to giant-size but is challenged by an even-bigger Stature. Bullseye from hiding shoots him in 1 eye.

Reed Richards is assaulted by a Skrull Sue Richards (not Lyja who took Human Torch and Thing into the Negative Zone) who seems to have the power of Multiple Man. The Secret Warriors come to his aid (but Fury still calls them his Commandos).

Wolverine makes it to Queen Veranke and stabs her with his claws. But she zaps him with intense versions of Spider-Woman's bioelectric venom blasts.

Spider-Man quips that this battle can't be so bad because Uatu the Watcher hasn't shown up. But then he does.

Edwin Jarvis and Jessica Jones are watching the fight from Avengers Tower. Jessica decides she has to lend a hand. She leaves baby Danielle in the hands of Jarvis. (And a bit later we are reminded that he's a Skrull imposter). She fights her way to husband Luke Cage's side.

Suddenly a fireball lands and out of it steps Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr the Kree) who will fight in the name of the also-Kree Captain Marvel.

The assault renews. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) is wounded and taken to safety by Vision (Jonas). Ronin (Clint Barton) picks up her fallen bow that used to be his and fires an arrow through Veranke's jaw. She falls, and Skrull-Henry Pym triggers a secret weapon.

(We see a flashback to MAv#8 where he gave ex-wife Jan the ability to grow as well as shrink. In MAv#15 this was revealed as a Skrull plot which we are about to see come to fruition.) Wasp grows to enormous size and starts giving off a toxin which attacks everyone around her, Earthers and Skrulls alike. If the Skrulls can't win then no-one wins.

Leinil Francis Yu
Mark Morales
Laura Martin
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Penciler)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Inker)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man

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Mr. Fantastic

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Plus: Abigail Brand.

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