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Secret Warriors #5: Review

Jun 2009
Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli

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4.5 stars

Secret Warriors #5 Review by (September 10, 2019)
Eric Koenig was a German in WWII who defected to the Allies and became the Howling Commandos' pilot. He too joined SHIELD but wasn't seen as often as Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan or Gabe Jones. His last app was in 1995 at Fury's 'funeral' with other Howlers. (It would some years later be revealed that the body was an advanced LMD and Nick would return again, in the Fury/Agent 13 2-shot mentioned in my comments in #3.)


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Secret Warriors #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The SHIELD base the Dock in the Caribbean has been taken over by HAMMER but still houses the helicarriers. 2 HAMMER Agents prepare to take their shift in the control room for the defence grid. Derrick Richardson was only in SHIELD for a couple of months before HAMMER took over. Eric Koenig was in it for 28 years. Richardson reckons Eric must feel like him that it was time for a change and the old guard had to make way for the new regime. Koenig says he felt the same way about Nick Fury's rule when he 1st joined. At this point they do the shift handover and Eric 'reinitialises the grid'.

He starts to tell Derrick about some advice Fury gave him, but Richardson spots 6 incoming unidentified helicopters. He doesn't understand why the defence grid isn't dealing with them until Koenig says he disabled it - and shoots him. Fury's advice was that Howling Commandos only retire when they're ready. And he contacts the choppers and tells them to come in. Nick Fury's flying 1 of them.

24 hours earlier Fury describes the mission to the HCPMC troops. They're going to steal the 3 helicarriers from the Dock. Eric Koenig, who's in the audience, will knock the defence grid out and they'll get in and out before most of the HAMMER Agents (who outnumber them many times over) know what's happening. Voice authorisation was hardwired into the carriers so Dum Dum Dugan will be able to launch them if he survives the assault. There'll be a couple of hundred ground troops to go alongside the 6 helicopters. Gabe Jones is still complaining - now he thinks the odds are too high against them. Dum Dum says they all volunteered because they wanted to make a difference again.

Now 2 helicopters are taken out by what Fury terms an assault vehicle (looks more like a stationary gun emplacement to me) until Dum Dum destroys it with a rocket launcher from another copter. Meanwhile Gabe's ground troops have set charges on the docking clamps on the helicarriers. The remaining choppers land. But overhead is a presumably-stealthed Hydra troop carrier commanded by Baron Strucker with Gorgon, Hive and Kraken.

13 hours ago Kraken tells Strucker, Madame Hydra and Viper that he has learnt about Fury's plan to attack the Dock. Strucker agrees they should go there, but the 2 females have another task that shouldn't be delayed.

Now Dum Dum and his men are about to enter the command centre of 1 of the helicarriers. Nick Fury and others, including Eric and Jasper Sitwell, will slave the other 2 carriers to Dugan's and he can fly them all out.

But then Hydra attack, some ordinary troops and some the Hive's men enslaved by the 'squids' on their heads. (The single eye plus short octopoid limbs (which apparently are *not* tentacles) put me in mind of DC's Starro the Conqueror.) They plus Gorgon and the Hive himself unleash chaos. The Hive shoots out small octopoids which convert HCPMC guys to his side. Fury faces Gorgon. A couple of HCPMC guys tackle the villain but he hurls his sword at high speed at his foe. However Jasper pushes Nick out of the way and takes the blade in the shoulder.

Hive ejects something else which explodes near Fury. Next thing he knows Kraken's boot is on his chest and Strucker stands triumphantly over him with his Satan Claw. Kraken and Fury greet each other like old enemies. The Baron prepares the killing blow. But then the Secret Warriors teleport in.

Stefano Caselli
Stefano Caselli
Daniele Rudoni
Jim Cheung (Cover Penciler)
Jim Cheung (Cover Inker)
Justin Ponsor (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Dave Lanphear.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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Plus: Baron Strucker, Eric Koenig, Gabe Jones (Gabriel Jones), Gorgon (Tomi Shishido), H.A.M.M.E.R., Hive, Jasper Sitwell, Kraken, Madame Hydra (Val de Fontaine), Secret Warriors, Viper (Madame Hydra).

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