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Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #3: Review

Nov 2023
Ron Marz, Ron Lim

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Silver & black

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4 stars

Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #3 Review by (January 26, 2024)
Mar-Vell died in the Death Of Captain Marvel GN in 1982.
His love Elysius later combined their DNAs to create Genis and artificially aged him to protect him from his father's enemies.
He appeared in early manhood in Silver Surfer Annual #6 in 1993. So the real reason for his artificial ageing was to stop him from being a pre-teen in his 1st app. A problem that would be made worse by Marvel's Sliding Timescale system.

The Fallen One claims to have already killed Thanos. But that didn't happen in the Thanos wins storyline within the Thanos (2016) series where he previously appeared and was killed himself by the combination of future King Thanos and the present-day Thanos.
So I don't know how this appearance fits within those, or whether this is another alternate SS.

Frankie Raye was a flame-powered girlfriend of the Human Torch until she became the Herald Of Galactus as Nova in Fantastic Four #244. They appeared together in many comics, especially early issues of SS(1987). Jim Starlin included them in his issues of SS along with bringing back Adam Warlock, Drax, Gamora, Pip and Thanos. After Ron Marz took that title over he had Surfer reawaken compassion in her in #51, which made her useless to Big G. After that SS and Nova were travelling companions, until the next Herald Morg killed her in #75.

Frankie will turn up alive again in the 2010 Heralds miniseries. But in the timeframe of this retro-series she's dead. The Nova here is probably an alternate timeline version. Or the far-future version of the 1 in Heralds.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Mephisto disguised himself as Silver Surfer to tempt Legacy into 'borrowing' the Time Gem from the Infinity Watch's Monster Isle base while they were away, and using it to go back in time to see his now-dead father Captain Marvel in action. But then Big M took the Gem and sent Legacy into the future where he where he faced a dark SS called the Fallen One with the power of 'black matter' added to his Power Cosmic and wielding Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Meanwhile the Watch accused the real Surfer of stealing the Gem, but M popped up to 'admit' what he'd done. So SS went to persuade Thanos to help him save Legacy with the Reality Gem. Mephisto gloated to himself that his plan was working perfectly.

Legacy has already been severely beaten up by the Fallen One who we left prepared for a killing blow. But just in time our Surfer and Thanos show up. The Titan finds it 'interesting' to see a villainous SS, and he tells our SS to check on Legacy while *he* deals with the opponent. But to increase the 'challenge' he puts the Reality Gem away as he asks the other if he is actually the Silver Surfer. The Fallen One says that he's the 1 fated to destroy Thanos (as I explained last issue). The Titan is happy to contest that claim.

Meanwhile Surfer finds Genis-Vell not feeling well, and not just from the beating. He turns very old before the startled Norrin Radd's eyes, and then the effect goes into reverse and takes him back to his current age and past it to childhood. Surfer reasons that Genis' body has been permeated by temporal energy, and the reaction is possibly because he was artificially aged after his birth. Legacy's age keeps changing and it's always painful. To save him SS absorbs all the temporal energy. He warns Genis to stay away from him. And then disappears.

Initially Thanos gains the upper hand in the titanic battle with Dark SS, but now a blow to the head from the hammer has him reeling. The Fallen One calls his dark surfboard to him but the Titan grabs it and whacks him with it. He claims to be enjoying the scrap as he prepares to decapitate his fallen foe with his own board. But a blast from Mjolnir turns the tables again. The FO claims to have killed Thanos before and he can do it again, which confuses the Titan. But Legacy slams into his back making him drop the hammer. Genis tries to pick it up but of course fails. So he joins Thanos and they both hurl energy at the Fallen One and his board, knocking him unconscious and off the asteroid this has all been taking place on to float away in to space.

Thanos is satisfied with the outcome and prepares to leave with Genis before the enemy recovers. He praises Legacy and says he reminds him of his father Mar-Vell, which Genis takes as a compliment coming from his dad's sworn enemy. Legacy expects that they'll now go to find our Silver Surfer, but Thanos says he's done what SS asked him to do so he considers his task is over. He's going to use the Reality Gem to return to their home time, and Legacy can come with him or stay marooned here. Genis reluctantly agrees.

Our non-dark Surfer and his board crashland on a planet where he sees a majestic horned beast which is then spooked by the arrival of someone else - Nova (Frankie Raye) who was 1 of his successors as Herald Of Galactus, and also Surfer's lover at 1 point, and also supposed to be dead. She tells him that this is the end of the universe and she's here with Galactus. Who also pops up now.

Ron Lim
Don Ho
Romulo Fajardo
Ron Lim (Cover Penciler)
Don Ho (Cover Inker)
Romulo Fajardo (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Darren Shan. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)

Plus: Fallen One (Norrin Radd), Nova (Frankie Raye).

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