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Spectacular Spider-Man #18: Review

Oct 2004
Paul Jenkins, Humberto Ramos

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Changes, Part 2

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2 stars

Spectacular Spider-Man #18 Review by (May 11, 2011)
Review: The art is particularly bizarre in this issue, with Cap looking like a moron and MJ an emaciated witch. See fuller review at issue #17.

Comments: “The Spectacular Spider-Man Disassembled.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Spectacular Spider-Man #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

After his encounter with the Queen, Peter Parker is mutating into a huge spider; his body is sprouting bristles and his eyes are segmenting. Mary Jane insists he accompany her to their neighbors’ Klingon-themed wedding and she will not accept any excuses….

Captain America visits a Veterans hospital to talk to an old friend, Tommy, about Ana Soria, the Queen. Nick Fury reveals his presence and demands to know what the big secret about her is. Cap explains that the team of Marines at the end of the War was part of an attempt to recreate the Super-Soldier process. The recruits were not told what was happening to them and when no results ever came, the project was abandoned. But Ana Soria had mutated; when they could not determine the extent or nature of her powers, she was locked in an asylum. She escaped years later and is only now resurfacing. Her ability seems to be to control insects—and the one-third of the human population that carries the insect gene….

At the wedding, Peter becomes increasingly uncomfortable and makes a hasty exit. Outside, he switches to his Spider-Man costume and swings off, feeling the Queen calling to him. He collapses on a rooftop and further mutates, growing eight clawlike limbs and a huge fanged mouth….

Cap finishes his account for Fury: the Queen possesses a bomb that will wipe out all human life in a 600-mile radius, leaving property and insects unharmed, and she is planning to detonate it to create her own kingdom. The tragic punchline? The bomb was developed by the US Military….

Humberto Ramos
Wayne Faucher
Studio F
Humberto Ramos (Cover Penciler)
Wayne Faucher (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane Watson

(Mary Jane)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Queen (Adriana Soria).

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