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Tales to Astonish #58: Review

Aug 1964
Stan Lee, Dick Ayers

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The Coming of… Colossus

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2 stars

Tales to Astonish #58 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of Captain America in Ant-Man’s early series. Hank Pym gains the ability to control his size mentally. Issue also includes a Wasp solo story, “The Magician and the Maiden!”


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Tales to Astonish #58 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Hank Pym modifies his cybernetic helmet so he can control his changes into Ant-Man or Giant-Man mentally, thus doing away with the need for capsules. At the same time, Janet Van Dyne shows off her newest Wasp costume.

At this moment, a jet-copter drops by and Captain America leaps in the window to tell them about an unusual report the Avengers have received from Africa. It seems a giant has appeared atop an unscalable mountain, and is threatening the entire region.

Hank and Jan jet to the area, and the alien giant, named Colossus, grabs and destroys their craft as they parachute to safety. Shrinking to insect-size, they scale the mountain quickly, and Hank grows to Giant-Man size to challenge the invader while Wasp uses her sting to irritate their enemy.

Her sting and Hank’s constant size changing confuse and terrify Colossus so that he jumps in his spaceship (disguised as a giant mushroom!) and takes off. He contacts his homeworld Vega Superior, and tells them to forget about conquering the Earth since the Earthlings have amazing powers.

As a tribute, the natives erect a statue of Giant-Man atop that very mountain.

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Dick Ayers
Paul Reinman
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Captain America
Captain America

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