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Thor: God of Thunder #25: Review

Sep 2014
Jason Aaron, R.M. Guera

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The 13th Son of a 13th Son

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4 stars

Thor: God of Thunder #25 Review by (September 18, 2014)
Review: The volume wraps up on a creative note, with three stories, done by three art teams. Jason Aaron (who is continuing as writer for the new series) again supplies us with some interesting new stories. The first is a story not yet told: the origin of Malekith. The art by RM Guera gives this dark tale a baroque cast that mirrors the warped and dismals doings in Svartelfheim. The second tale of young Thor and the Vikings has a fancifully archaic look thanks to the art of Simon Bisley with a vibrant use of color. The third tale by the familiar Esad Ribic is more in keeping with rest of this series and serves only to tease the changes which are to come with the new Lady Thor. The series as a whole? While very creative in its entwining of the stories of Young Thor, Avenger Thor, and King Thor, I found the general tenor too dark to be enjoyable for the most part, feeling that it only lightened up briefly during the brief tenor of Ron Garney as artist for #13-17 with a vibrant use of color and a more comic edge.

Comments: “God-Sized Final Issue!”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor: God of Thunder #25 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Asgard of the far future, the three granddaughters of King Thor follow his advice to spend some time reading in the library. Ellisiv picks up a book and starts reading aloud…

In Svartalfheim, young Malekith is the last child left to old Lady Mazerot after his twelve older brothers have died in the wars, just like their father and his twelve older brothers before. So that he will not die in war, his mother sells him to the undertaker elves in exchange for a supply of food for her dogs. The boy becomes a corpse-burner on the battlefield where he disposes of the dead and not-quite-dead alike. Sometime later he is cast into a dungeon with a wizard who escapes with him and makes Malekith his apprentice. Later the wizard reveals his hopes and plans that Malekith will bring an end to war—for which the young mage kills him, reasoning that an end to war will mean a loss of his identity. The dying master strikes Malekith with a bolt that turns half his face black. Malekith returns to his mother and turns her vicious hounds against her….

As Ellisiv reaches the part about the War of the Realms, a thunderclap from Thor warns them to look elsewhere for diversion….

Story #2

Blood and Ice

Writer: Jason Aaron. Penciler: Simon Bisley. Inker: Simon Bisley. Colorist: Simon Bisley.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

A book of the adventures of young Thor relates how the God of Thunder, wielding his axe Jarnbjorn leads the Viking forces against the Frost Giants who have been massacring humans along the coasts. As Thor cuts a bloody swath through the enemy, we learn that all the human blood is being used in a magic spell to raise Laufey to life using his skull. The forces of Thor are victorious and the skull is lost at sea until…who knows when….

Story #3


Writer: Jason Aaron. Penciler: Esad Ribic. Inker: Esad Ribic. Colorist: Ive Svorcina.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Atli is fed up with these tales and wants to go out adventuring on her own; the commotion knocks a large chained book onto the table before them. They break the chains and start reading, they learn of Roxxon’s expedition to recover the skull of Laufey. They see a woman wielding Mjolnir, surrounded by other figures from past and present (and future?)…and they are interrupted by King Thor, who takes the book away from them…a book titled, "Unworthy" as we flash back to the moon, where Thor is desperately trying to lift his mighty hammer….

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R.M. Guera
R.M. Guera
Giulia Brusco
Esad Ribic (Cover Penciler)
Esad Ribic (Cover Inker)
Esad Ribic (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Frost Giants, Goddesses of Thunder.

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