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Thor #192: Review

Sep 1971
Stan Lee, John Buscema

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3 stars

Thor #192 Review by (April 20, 2015)
The best part of this issue is the last panel. I don’t mean that as a slam, either. It just highlights the point that this entire issue reads as a set up for Silver Surfer’s guest appearance in 193. This was a decent issue, but the truth is not much happens other than continuing to explain the situation in Asgard and the threat of Durok, which had already been introduced in issue 191. That’s all just a symptom of the serialized format that I accept, so it’s not a complaint. One positive, though: I really like to see locales other than New York showing up in Marvel’s books from this time period, so it was nice to see New Orleans in there. It would have been nice if they’d called the generic South American country San Diablo (as a call back to Journey Into Mystery 84), but that missed opportunity is not too big of a deal. Overall, 3 out of 5 just because this is only a set up issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #192 Synopsis by Seahammer

As Odin sleeps, Loki wears the “Odin Ring” and has taken control of Asgard with the aid of Karnilla.  He sent Durok the Demolisher—a silent, unstoppable killer of Loki’s own design—to wreak havoc on Earth, which Thor has gone to stop.  In Asgard, Sif and Balder lament the situation, while the Warriors Three attack Loki.  Hogun hurls his mace at Loki, but Loki waves it off before it even reaches him!  Loki declares that Hogun shall be put to death for attack him, but Sif points out that if he killed all who opposed him there would be no one left to rule.  Loki decides to humor Sif and agrees.

            Meanwhile on Earth, Durok arrives at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.  The people think he is just wearing a detailed costume until he begins mindlessly destroying the street corner.  Thor arrives and tries to stop Durok with a force blast from Mjolnir, but is shocked to see that it doesn’t faze him at all.  Thor soon realizes what a formidable threat Durok presents.  To protect the innocent bystanders in the area, Thor creates a vortex and transports the people to the “limbo of space.”  Thor attacks again, but sees that Durok truly is a match for his own strength.  As the two continue to battle, Loki—watching from Asgard—grows frustrated that Thor still lives.  Using the power of the Odin Ring, Loki transports Durok to South America

Before pursuing Durok, Thor returns the Mardi Gras revelers from where he had transported them and erases their memories.  However, with the crowd returned, Thor has no room to swing Mjolnir to take flight.  To the crowd’s amazement, Thor makes room by pushing a building out of the way!  While Thor has been dealing with the crowds, Durok has been battling the army of a small country in South America.  There, the totalitarian “Presidente” declares that he wants to capture Durok to use against rebel uprisings, but Durok proves too powerful for his forces.  Thor finally arrives and continues his fight against Durok. 

Back in Asgard, Loki tells Sif that once Thor falls, he will take care of her.  Nearby, Karnilla reminds Balder that he has taken an oath not to take arms against Loki.  Balder takes advantage of her love for him by stating that if she truly loves him, she will use her magic to aid him.  He has a plan to help Thor that will not require him to break his oath.  Karnilla agrees.  Loki realizes that the two are plotting something, but he is distracted when Fandral attacks the Storm Giant that guards Loki.  With Loki’s attention diverted, Karnilla transports Balder and herself to Earth. 

On Earth, Balder swings his enchanted sword, which sends a signal deep into space.  Elsewhere, Thor struggles against Durok.  Suddenly, a powerful storm comes between the two of them, which Thor cannot stop with his own powers.  Thor suspects powerful forces at play, which is confirmed when an image of Loki appears before him, holding Sif hostage.  Thor threatens Loki, who mocks Thor and reminds him that he is powerless against the Odin Ring.  Then, Loki reveals that he has transported Durok again, this time to the United Nations building.  There, Loki says, Durok will cause so much chaos that it will lead to the destruction of mankind, and while Thor is busy protecting the Earth, Loki will make Sif his queen.  Loki’s image departs, leaving Thor feeling defeated, but determined to continue fighting Durok.  At that moment, Balder sees that his signal has been answered:  the Silver Surfer arrives!

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John Buscema
Sam Grainger
John Buscema (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Silver Surfer

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Warriors Three

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