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Thor #189: Review

Jun 1971
Stan Lee, John Buscema

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The Icy Touch of Death!

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3 stars


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Thor #189 Synopsis by Marvel Comics
Odin instructs Thor to return to Earth and hide from Hela as Don Blake. In her dimension, Hela muses that claiming Thor will humble Odin and "With Odin crushed by boundless grief, who will dare to stay my hand?" Loki appears to tell her that Thor has fled to Earth.

In Nornheim, Balder begs Karnilla to help Thor. She agrees if Balder renounces Odin in favor of her. Balder reluctantly agrees. Karnilla sends Balder to Hela's land to silence Loki but, having reounced Odin, he cannot defeat the God of Evil. Hela, bored, sends both gods back to Asgard where Loki flees. Odin forgives Balder then sends Vostagg to Earth to warn Thor of Hela's approach.

Meanwhile, Hela arrives on Earth and senses Thor first at a bullfights, then stopping an avalanche but both images of Thor are Odin's illusions. Vostagg warns Don. Hela reaches New York but cannot sense the Thunder God. She decides to bring him to her by rapidly aging firemen who are fighting a major fire. Thor responds and puts out the fire. Hela promises to spare other lives if Thor yields to her. Thor consents.

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John Buscema
Joe Sinnott


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