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Thor #277: Review

Nov 1978
Roy Thomas, John Buscema

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Time of the Trolls!

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4 stars

Thor #277 Review by (April 14, 2015)
Comments: Part five of six parts. Loki’s fate, chained to a rock beneath the dripping fangs of a venomous serpent, is an authentic Norse myth. Red Norvell quotes James Dean from REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Interesting bit: this is one of the earliest appearances of the Bright-Elves (later Light-Elves) and they resemble Santa’s elves more than Tolkien’s. The cover isn’t accurate since Thor does not stand alone against Hela’s hordes—but doesn’t it look cool?

Review: Matters run at a breakneck pace through this exciting issue but they can’t outrun the exposition! Sometimes there is something to be said for decompressed comics. Anyway, the story is still quite enjoyable and we can’t wait until new Red Thor gets his comeuppance!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #277 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the wake of Red Norvell’s powerful rampage in Asgard, reporter Harris Hobbs blames himself for the deaths of Thor and his assistant Joey. But Thor is very much alive and has recovered from the villain’s attacks. Loki takes great delight in explaining how all these events came to pass. Wanting to destroy everything, he met with Hela, Goddess of Death, who raised the shade of the prophetess Volla. Volla described the events leading up to Ragnarok: the death of Balder and a mortal dreaming the dreams of Asgard (Harris Hobbs). Now Balder is preserved at the brink of death by the Odinshield to delay the end for a little while. Loki adds a few details such as the death of Heimdall, Thor killing Loki, and the God of Thunder meeting his own end through the Midgard Serpent. Thor responds by ordering Loki taken away to judgment. The Trickster encases himself in enchanted stone which the guards are powerless to break; Thor smashes it open and Loki is taken and chained to a rock. A poisonous serpent will drip burning venom on his face for eternity and his agony will cause Asgard to shake. His wife Sigyn beseeches Frigga to intercede with Odin that she may aid Loki in some way. She is permitted to catch the venom in a bowl—but when she turns to empty it the poison again touches Loki’s face until she can return.


Meanwhile, Red Norvell has carried Sif to Alfheim where the villain strikes down the friendly elves that come to welcome him. Red doesn’t know how he became Thor; Sif reveals that Odin had Thor walk through the fires of Geirrodur which created a duplicate essence of Thor to protect Asgard whenever the real Thor was unavailable. This essence resided in Thor’s belt and gauntlets so that Red gained Thor’s power when he donned these accessories. Norvell takes a nap and Sif attempts to remove the Belt of Strength, but the villain is woken up by a mighty blast…


…blown by Heimdall to warn that Hela’s forces of trolls and other monsters are attacking Asgard. Harris Hobbs tries to get it all on film (while weeping over his own part in all this) as Thor, without Mjolnir to wield, leads the warriors against their enemy….

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John Buscema
Tom Palmer
Glynis Wein
John Buscema (Cover Penciler)
Bob McLeod (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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(Balder the Brave)


Plus: Thor (Red Norvell).

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