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Tomb of Dracula #61: Review

Nov 1977
Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan

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5 stars

Tomb of Dracula #61 Review by (December 1, 2021)

Review: An eye-boggling issue as Gene Colan outdoes himself portraying the merger of heaven and earth in spectacular images. And it’s all to threaten Dracula who hits an all-time low as he sees his own destiny melting away before his eyes. Whoo.

Comments: Blade does not have a speaking part, only being seen in the background of a couple of panels; this, incidentally, is his final appearance in the series. Also the final appearance of Aurora Rabinowitz who never returns (at least as of 2021). Title goes back to bi-monthly with this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Tomb of Dracula #61 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Dracula broods over the death of his son Janus (issue #59) and ponders whether to return to Domini….

Back at Quincy Harker’s place, the vampire hunters talk over the recent events. Frank Drake is disappointed they didn’t kill Dracula (again, issue #59), Rachel van Helsing wonders who Domini is and why she loves Dracula, Quincy speculates that Dracula was once a man and has become less human over the years and the death of the child may drive him mad. He can only plan to hunt their quarry when he reappears….

Dracula returns to the church and can’t find Domini. She is at the cemetery, standing over Janus’ grave hoping to resurrect her dead son; she begins the ceremony and the baby rises from the coffin into the air. Dracula realizes what she must be doing and knows their son will be radically changed so he dashes to the cemetery….

Harold H. Harold stops by his publisher’s office and tells Aurora Rabinowitz he is quitting, having been shaken by witnessing the death of Dracula’s son. He doesn’t know where he will be going, he just wants to get away. Aurora offers to have a special goodbye dinner with him….

At the cemetery, Domini awaits what she was promised by the Golden Man in issue #52—that he was her son. As the ceremony proceeds, the Golden Man appears and merges with the baby. Dracula arrives and screams in horror, fighting winds and lightning. He tries to intervene but the Golden Man raises a wall of fire before him. As Domini recites the final Spell of Union, Dracula pleads with her to stop, as the child will be the servant of heaven and Dracula’s enemy. The spell is done and before their eyes, Janus ages from infancy to the familiar form of the Golden Man. Janus approaches his mother who tells him to remember that Dracula is his father and to love him. He assures her he does but adds that his destiny is to be his murderer. Dracula screams….

Gene Colan
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer
Gene Colan (Cover Penciler)
Tom Palmer (Cover Inker)
Tom Palmer (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: John Costanza.


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(Eric Brooks)

Plus: Aurora Rabinowitz, Domini, Janus Tepes (Son of Dracula).

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