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U.S.Avengers #9: Review

Aug 2017
Al Ewing, Paco Medina

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Let's pretend we won a war

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4 stars

U.S.Avengers #9 Review by (August 26, 2017)
Next issue Secret Empire is over, and the team go in search of Cannonball.

Euroforce (including some of those here) were fighting Hydra in Paris in Captain America: Steve Rogers #18, so this is presumably set after that.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

U.S.Avengers #9 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) jury-rigged a device to enable Roberto Da Costa (Citizen V) to safely use his old Sunspot powers. Now they're breaking out of the Hydra Re-Education Centre. But as he battles Hydra troops the silver foil and chewing gum headband starts to burn out. And then Hydra send the remote-controlled Red Hulk against them.

In Paris the Hydra occupying force doesn't feel safe, even with La Deuxiemme Bastille, a Hydra flying fortress, hovering overhead. The French military have the city surrounded but they daren't risk civilian casualties. And Black Knight's Euroforce (we see Baby Killer, Swordswoman and Tumult with him) are imprisoned with power dampeners.

However the Champions of Europe are still free, and along with our Enigma and Squirrel Girl last issue they 'liberated' the enemy's force of Hydramechs. Which they are now flying into action.

Back in the US Red Hulk is trying to talk through his gag. Hydra may control his actions but not General Maverick's mind. Sunspot manages to make out the word 'nanotech', and he uses his solar power as extreme heat to fry the nanobots inside Rulk. Then Maverick deals with the nearest Hydra goons. And they free the Troubleshooters (we see Jim Tensen and Kathy Ling, but they are presumably still powerless). And Da Costa rallies loyal A.I.M. members.

Back in Paris Doreen Green tells her group to destroy the Hydra fighter planes because they are remote-controlled. Not expecting that pacifist Outlaw had only equipped the 'mechs with crowd control foam. But it hardens when it hits the receiving aerials and blocks Hydra's control signals - much to the astonishment of Captain Britain.

Le Peregrine's Hydramech is grabbed by a secondary-adamantium tentacle from the flying fortress. But Guillotine transfers the magic of her sword to *her* 'mech and slices through the tentacle freeing him. And this also causes feedback which cuts the power in the Bastille - including to Euroforce's power dampeners.

Enigma turns herself and her 'mech insubstantial and floats into 1 of the fortress' engines. Which she then destroys by going diamond hard. The Bastille ditches in the Seine, and the Hydra commander surrenders to Euroforce.

Aikku Jokinen then contacts Toni Ho, whose gang have taken over the Re-Education Centre. Toni tells her lover that she was right about her obsession with arming her Iron Patriot armour. When this is over she'll do super-heroing a different way. And in Paris they're celebrating too (including the so-far-unmentioned Champions Ares and Excalibur).

Meanwhile on a distant planet Cannonball has been bought at slave auction by the mysterious old human Howard Mason. Who has taken him to what seems like an American small town Glenbrook.

Paco Medina
Juan Vlasco
Jesus Aburtov
Paco Medina (Cover Penciler)
Juan Vlasco (Cover Inker)
Jesus Aburtov (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Black Knight
Black Knight

(Dane Whitman)
Red Hulk
Red Hulk

(Robert Maverick)

Plus: Baby Killer, Cannonball, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Champions of Europe, Enigma (Aikku Jokinen), Euroforce, Excalibur (Faiza Hussain), Guillotine, Howard Mason, Iron Patriot (Toni Ho), Jim Tensen, Kathy Ling, Le Peregrine, Outlaw (Nigel Higgins), Squirrel Girl, Swordswoman, Troubleshooters, Tumult.

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