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Ultimate Human #2: Review

Feb 2008
Warren Ellis, Cary Nord

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4 stars


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Ultimate Human #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
At Stark Ironworks, an enraged Hulk is on the loose (“What do we do, Mr. Stark?” “Run away, I’d think. Quite fast.”). As the building is evacuated and the guards fight a futile action against the rampaging monster, Tony Stark rushes down to the armor lab, pursued by the Hulk, who is threatening to turn Tony’s head into a “not-head-shaped thing!” Tony dons his armor and takes after Hulk; the most advanced armor he has actually withstands two shots from the Hulk. Iron Man seizes Hulk and fires a laser into his eye and the direct neural electroshock turns the monster back into Bruce. The armor is now overloading from the power surge and Tony manages to jet it toward the sky and leap out before it explodes. When Bruce awakens in the hospital hours later, Tony tells him they were able to introduce nanodes into his blood, effectively curing him of being the Hulk. Later they ponder why Bruce’s original experiment went out of control since it was based on Steve Rogers’ DNA. After Tony explains that his nanotech can communicate with Bruce’s nanotech, he invites Bruce to stay on at the Ironworks and try to solve the original problem and complete his life’s work. Thirty miles north, the Leader prepares to capture the two scientists unawares, insisting they have to die to redeem their intellects from the misuse of their powers. The attack is launched: while the base is pinned down by mortar fire, commandoes break in and overpower Tony and Bruce.

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Cary Nord
Cary Nord
Dave Stewart
Cary Nord (Cover Penciler)


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