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Ultimate Human #3: Review

Mar 2008
Warren Ellis, Cary Nord

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Good morning, Mr. Wisdom

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3 stars


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Ultimate Human #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Some time earlier, at the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, formerly MI6), Peter Wisdom sought approval for his British Enhancile Program, to create a superhuman being of their own. His request was denied in favor of a similar project headed up by James Braddock, largely because of inter-agency politicking. Wisdom tries to arrange for Jack Tarr, the head of Special Section, to assassinate the Deputy Chief, whom Wisdom sees as the main obstacle to his plans but Tarr refuses: killing their own is not part of the agency’s mission. Wisdom is called into a meeting with C, the big boss, who tells him to forget these plans; SIS’ mission is to carry out orders not make policy and Wisdom has overstepped his bounds. Wisdom argues that Braddock’s program is based on the American model with publicly known costumed heroes; his plan is for covert superhuman agents who will outperform Braddock’s. C gives him one month to demonstrate the truth of his claims. Wisdom goes to Dr Stragg, offering himself as the test subject for the enhancement…. One week later, Wisdom appears in C’s office: he is confined to a wheelchair, his overgrown head held up by a brace. He announces his plan to take over as head of SIS, causing Stragg’s heart to burst by way of demonstration. C summons armed agents to escort Wisdom from the building, with the warning that he is fired and the SIS has orders to shoot him on sight.

The present: Wisdom, now the Leader, tells the two captives that he wants the nanites in Tony Stark’s blood and Bruce Banner’s Super-Soldier stack. He leaves them alone to say goodbye to one another as he plans to be the ultimate human, protecting his country from its enemies.

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Cary Nord
Cary Nord
Dave Stewart
Cary Nord (Cover Penciler)


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