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Ultimate Human #4: Review

Apr 2008
Warren Ellis, Cary Nord

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4 stars


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Ultimate Human #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Tony Stark tells a panicked Bruce Banner that there is a way out of their predicament but it will spell doom for Bruce: Tony can use his nanofleet to turn off Bruce’s, enabling him to become the Hulk once again; the down side is that this treatment will never again work on the Hulk. Before Bruce can answer, Tony sends the shutoff command, then headbutts him in the face to bring out the beast. Hulk demands to know if Stark is the one who headbutted him; Tony tells him it was "Big Head Guy" outside. Hulk goes out and tears through an army of “normal size heads” before he spots the Leader. While the Hulk fights off the Leader’s forces, Tony jury-rigs a pocket radio to summon one of his suits of armor by remote control. Hulk catches up with the Leader and sends Larner flying with a slap. The Leader uses his mental powers to compress muscles in the Hulk’s brain in an attempt to kill him—but it only works for a few moments. Tony tells him Hulk is adapting to the force. At this point the summoned Iron Man armor drops onto the Leader, crushing him. The villain’s transport plane is on its way; the dying Leader induces a heart attack in the pilot and the out-of-control plane heads straight for the heroes on the ground. Tony runs to safety but an angry Hulk seizes the fallen enemy and yells “Who’s the freak now?”—then the plane hits with a fiery explosion. As Tony watches Hulk leap away from the blazing wreckage, he says, “I’m sorry, Bruce.”

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Cary Nord
Dave Stewart
Cary Nord (Cover Penciler)


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