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Uncanny Avengers #1: Review

Jan 2015
Rick Remender, Daniel Acuna

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4 stars


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Uncanny Avengers #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Some evolved-animal New Men on Counter-Earth are discussing how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have arrived on the planet looking for the High Evolutionary. Pietro appears in their midst and chases after an evolved cheetah who says he going to warn HE. Wanda stays behind to deal with a bear and an elephant.

The twins are here to learn why Magneto is not their father, as they discovered in Avengers & X-Men: Axis #7. The Evolutionary was present at their birth and seems to have been behind the deception.

Quicksilver catches his prey, but the cheetah escapes. Only to run into a wall created by the Witch. But then a mystery man zaps the mutant twins. The cheetah recognises him, but gets zapped as well.

The old Unity Squad is shattered:- Steve Rogers got old and retired. Thor became unworthy. Wolverine is dead. Havok stayed an inverted villain and kidnapped Wasp (Axis#9). (It doesn't say where Sunfire is.) The only 1 left is Rogue with Wonder Man in her head, and concerned that Scarlet Witch has been missing for a week.

She has assembled a group to find her friend. The new Captain America has replaced the old 1. Wanda's ex-husband Vision is here (but he still hasn't forgiven her for disassembling him during Avengers Disassembled). And there's Brother Voodoo who helped control the Witch during Axis. Vision and Voodoo are both concerned that SW might have gone off the deep end again.

Rogue knows Wanda wants answers about her parentage and so they've headed for her birthplace Wundagore Mountain. And the 5th group member Sabretooth confirms that she was here a week ago. Despite remaining inverted into a good guy by Axis they don't trust him, so BV keeps him on a mystic leash. Victor Creed leads them into a complex inside the mountain where the trail vanishes.

Vision interfaces with a computer bank which exchanges cryptic phrases with him before telling them that Wanda and Pietro ported to Counter-Earth, which Vision thought had been destroyed. The teleportation device has been smashed by something which guards this place, but Jericho Drumm thinks he can get them there by magical means. An armoured New Man (or a robotic lookalike) tries to stop him which is maybe why they arrive in different places.

Brother Voodoo winds up in a ruined area full of bones. An animal spirit directs him to the Council of the Restless Dead.

Vision on the other hand is in a shiny new place, but equally deserted. A female robot contacts him telepathically, claiming to be the Eve to his Adam. And on a screen he sees them as a family with 2 android/robot children.

Rogue wakes to find herself paralysed and being spoon-fed by an aged bird-type New Man. He mumbles that he'd always told his boss that she was just the mutant they needed. And now he'd paralysed her so he could remove Simon Williams from her mind.

Captain America is trapped by vines with several different aliens. A shambling 'creature' touches 1 of them and turns him to wood. Then it's Sam Wilson's turn.

Sabretooth arrives in the city of New Men. He doesn't want to hurt them even though they attack him as a mutant human(?). Until the High Evolutionary appears with some of his Knights of Wundagore.

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)


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