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Uncanny Avengers #5: Review

Jun 2015
Rick Remender, Daniel Acuna

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Counter-evolutionary part 5

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #5 Review by (June 27, 2015)
Captain America continues to do little in this series, and he's the only Squaddie not on the cover. Magneto revealed his parenthood in the 4th issue of the 1st Vision & Scarlet Witch limited series. Readers had previously been shown 2 halves of that truth in Avengers #186 and Uncanny X-Men #125. But High Evolutionary exposed that as a lie last issue. High Evolutionary's armour is supposed to be able to heal his injuries. (And he has previously had other means of healing too.) So I guess the damage to his head here is due to the current fight. HE predicts a future Evolutionary War, but we know everything's going to end soon in Secret Wars. Does this imply a high level of continuity between this universe and whatever follows SW? This is not the only place to suggest that. For instance the post-SW Avengers seems to include Sam Wilson as Cap, alongside the female Thor. (But the Iron Man looks non-Superior.) But some other post-SW comics are derived from Battleworld zones. Whatever happens, this is the final issue of Uncanny Avengers (at least for the foreseeable future).


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Uncanny Avengers #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue begins with a flashback to when Magneto told Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch he was their father. It has Magneto claiming that Pietro had inherited his anger.

Now the twins have discovered (during Axis) that Magneto was mistaken, and they have come to Counter-Earth to get the truth from the High Evolutionary. Rogue assembled a new Unity Squad to follow them. Herbert Edgar Wyndham revealed that they were actually early attempts by himself to modify humans, after his successful experiments on animals that produced the New Men.

The Squad got dispersed across Counter-Earth. We 1st look in on the android Vision where his very new mate Eve is preparing to take their children to space, to keep them safe from fear and bigotry. And she wants Vision to come with them.

Most of the rest of the Squad (Captain America, Rogue and Sabretooth) have linked up with Pietro and Wanda to protect Lowtown where HE's surviving rejects live (the Evolutionary usually kills his substandard New Men). HE's main army in this conflict is rejects he had converted to wood-beings. (Sam Wilson was so-converted in #1, and has just shaken off Evolutionary's control.)

Sabretooth saves some young New Men, while Rogue tackles High Evolutionary direct. Wyndham is very interested in her ionic power (inherited from the now-feared-dead (again) Wonder Man). But Scarlet Witch saves her from HE's clutches, until he throws Rogue at her. Quicksilver doesn't fare any better.

Then the last member of the team, Brother Voodoo, shows up with a crowd of vengeful New Men ghosts led by HE's dead daughter Doniva. But as the ghosts overwhelm their murderer the Witch is assaulted by HE's live daughter Luminous who has the powers of both twins, and can use them much better. But Vision sticks his hand in Luminous' head, to save his ex-wife. He's decided where his loyalties lie.

The Evolutionary is unrepentant, and he and the ghosts disappear in an explosion.

All the wood-beings are destroyed too, but the Uncanny Avengers survive. Cap sends Quickie to the side of his wounded sister (and Vision). But it turns out Wyndham didn't die, and he flies off with unconscious Rogue and his other prize Sabretooth - both grist for his genetic mill.

Pietro races up the side of a skyscraper to catch up with them and hits HE with a metal bar to make him drop his captives. Then he runs back down the building, dragging Evolutionary's armoured head through the side of the wall. The building collapses but Wyndham appears unharmed. During all of this we get Pietro's inner monologue about how he always ran away from problems and blamed everyone else for his troubles, especially his father Magneto for his temper. Now he doesn't have that excuse.

His schemes in ruins, Evolutionary creates a wormhole to escape through. But Quicksilver keeps beating him up. (More monologue - Pietro came here looking for someone else to blame his life on, but now he accepts his faults as his own.) His rapidly pounding fists crack HE's helmet, and we see his ravaged face. But Wyndham goes through the wormhole with Luminous, leaving an ominous prediction of an Evolutionary War that he won't be here to save them from.

Epilogue in Avengers Mansion days later:- Vision gets a wish-you-were-here message from Eve saying she and the kids have found a paradise planet to live on. He's using HE's genetic science to reverse the process that turned Sam to wood. He comforts Wanda over the fact that her mystic powers can't find any trace of her lover Wonder Man to bring him back as she has before. Vizh decides to keep to himself disconcerting stuff he found in Wyndham's files about her future (and past?).

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Kris Anka (Cover Penciler)
Kris Anka (Cover Inker)
Kris Anka (Cover Colorist)


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