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World War Hulk: Front Line #2: Review

Jul 2007
Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs

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Embedded: Behind Enemy Lines (part 2 of 6)

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3 stars

World War Hulk: Front Line #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Issues 2-5 are divided into three sections, all written by Paul Jenkins: a) “Embedded: Behind Enemy Lines,” drawn by Ramon Bachs, focusing on Ben and Sally’s efforts to cover the human tragedy of the war; b) “Costume Division: Death of an Android,” drawn by Shawn Martinbrough, following Detective Danny Granville and Korg as they investigate the suspicious death of Arch-E-5912; and c) “War is Heck,” drawn by Chris Moreno, a series of comical vignettes on World War Hulk. Story occurs at the same time as WORLD WAR HULK #2. Hulk appears only briefly, in glimpses of his fight with the FF.

World War Hulk: Front Line #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The events of WWH#2 show up as Luke Cage being ejected from Hulk and the Warbound's battle with the Avengers, and then Hulk vs Human Torch, Thing and Mr Fantastic. The Marvel Chronology Project puts the 2nd story alongside WWH#1, and the 3rd story within WWH#3. Captain Rectitude is always played for laughs. He debuted in Steve Gerber's She-Hulk (1989) #21-23. Paul Jenkins used him in 1 panel in Civil War: Front Line #6, and he'll appear equally briefly in the War is Heck sections of WWH:FL#4&5 but the MCP considers those as non-canonically humorous (including gratuitously killing off characters).


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World War Hulk: Front Line #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Ben Urich and Sally Floyd are driving through the Lower East Side, covering the human toll of what they have dubbed “World War Hulk” when their car is attacked by a mob and they barely escape. Later, Sally and her photographer Geoff are watching the battles from the safety of a rooftop in Hell’s Kitchen when Luke Cage comes flying through the air to land in the street. He brushes himself off and heads back to the action; only then is it discovered there’s a gas leak. A little girl Lakeisha, left hanging from a damaged rooftop, is rescued by Daredevil but her bitter brother lashes out at him over their abandonment by the family and city. The Man Without Fear promises to keep them and their home safe, but Leshon doesn’t buy it since there’s no way Daredevil can keep that promise. Downtown, Ben is covering Hulk’s battle with the Fantastic Four when a transformer explosion plunges the city into darkness. Elsewhere, Detective Danny Granville, warned by his superiors of the politically sensitive nature of his investigation into the murder of ARCH-E-5912, arrives at the crime scene, where the mechanoid lies, its body shattered by an energy weapon. The shortage of police personnel because of the evacuation and Korg’s uncooperative attitude are Danny’s biggest problem. The latter softens when Danny agrees to enter into “judicial servitude” with Korg but Korg only reluctantly reveals that ARCH-E-5912’s mission was to observe the reactions of humans in this area, and refuses to allow Danny to probe its memory chips. The major surprise comes when Korg reveals that judicial servitude means that if they fail to solve the crime by sunset the following day, their lives are forfeit.

“War is Heck:” Captain Rectitude helps SHIELD with a “Special Mission” in Times Square, woefully ignorant of the fact that in this plan to capture Hulk he is going to be the bait.     

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Ramon Bachs
Ramon Bachs
Matt Milla
John Watson (Cover Penciler)


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