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World War Hulk: Front Line #6: Review

Nov 2007
Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs

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Embedded: Behind Enemy Lines (part 6 of 6)

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3 stars

World War Hulk: Front Line #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Story occurs at the same time as WORLD WAR HULK #6. Hulk appears only briefly, in glimpses of his fight with the Sentry.

World War Hulk: Front Line #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Only the initial part with the Hulk/Sentry fight and Sally Floyd rescuing Ben Urich happen during WWH#5. The rest are part of the Aftersmash era. Alien refugees are imprisoned, but Danny Granville's boss lets them go (or at least the ones in his jail). J Jonah Jameson says he also arranged the CNN report that praised Front Line last issue. Later he'll more openly support their paper after he loses the Daily Bugle to Dexter Bennett. This series wasn't as important to WWH as its equivalent was to Civil War. The War Is Heck bits were throwaway. The Danny Granville & Korg storyarc wasn't significant. Apart from witnessing the WWH events, the main arc had only 2 elements:- The poor weren't evacuated from Manhattan. JJJ is financing the paper, which is nothing to do with WWH.


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World War Hulk: Front Line #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
As the battle between Hulk and the Sentry rages, crowds panic and flee the stadium area. Sally Floyd rescues Ben Urich from the sinkhole and they manage to make their way through the city as the streets crumble and buildings fall. Three days later, the refugees (including Ben’s wife) return to find their homes destroyed and possessions gone, collateral damage in the affairs of the superheroes. Sally sees that among the ruined homes is that of the two children whom Daredevil promised, vainly, to protect. When the Man Without Fear shows himself on a rooftop, Sally salutes him with an obscene gesture. Later, as she is in a bar drinking heavily, Ben comes in to warn her about letting her life go down the tubes because she can’t cope. After he leaves, Sally has a sudden realization and heads to the offices of the Daily Bugle to confront J. Jonah Jameson. From a comment he made to her earlier, she realizes he is Front Line’s mysterious backer. He explains he did it to encourage competition between the two papers and, incidentally, to give Sally the push she needs to turn herself into a good reporter. As she wanders the streets, she decides that Ben doesn’t have to know, and that they all need time to heal.

Ramon Bachs
Ramon Bachs
Matt Milla
John Watson (Cover Penciler)


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