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World War Hulk #5: Review

Nov 2007
Greg Pak, John Romita Jr.

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5 stars

World War Hulk #5 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Bruce Banner, the Hulk, seemingly dies. Rick Jones is badly wounded (by Miek). First appearance of Skaar, the son of the Hulk/Banner and Caiera the Oldstrong.

World War Hulk #5 Review by (February 15, 2010)
I can't improve on Julio's synopsis, so I'll just list a couple of tie-ins:- WWH: FRONT LINE #5/1(p11-12)-6(p1-9.1) Sally Floyd rescues Ben Urich from danger. They witness the Hulk/Sentry fight. INCREDIBLE HULK #111(p11.4-22) While the Hulk/Sentry fight is ongoing, Zom tries to activate the SHIELD plan to send Manhattan into the Negative Zone. But Amadeus Cho tricks Zom into using him as a host, Angel KO's him and Wong traps Zom back in his jar.


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World War Hulk #5 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Right before Reed Richards applies the mortal blow upon Tony Stark, the Hulk deactivates the Obedience Disks, saving all their lives.

And the Hulk says "Remember this, puny humans. We came here for justice. Not murder. So no one on your planet has died by our hands. And no one will".

The Hulk reveals that his Warbound allies will now destroy the city of New York, just as Crown City from Sakaar was, so everyone on Earth remembers that these "heroes" are nothing but a bunch of "liars, traitors and killers".

But the Hulk's plan is halted by the appearance of the Sentry!

The Sentry hits the Stone Alien ship to bring it down and punches the Hulk right through several NY buildings. The Hulk warns the Sentry to quit. But the Sentry unleashes more of his awesome raw power on the strongest one there is. It's a clash for comic book history.

The two super powerhouses give everything they got in each punch. At first, the Sentry seems to have the upper hand. But the Hulk's never been this strong, making the Sentry bleed. The brutal meeting comes to a blowing end as the two turn into their weaker human selves, and Bruce Banner knocks out Robert Reynolds.

The Hulk seems to be the planet's Sakaarson: The world saver, stopping the Sentry (and previously Strange who lost control of their powers), who proved to be a very fatal threat to humankind.

Banner looks at his friend Rick Jones and extends his hand. Reed Richards and Tony Stark watch in awe. But Miek is not ready to see "his" Hulk give up on revenge. "Never stop making them pay" the Hulk taught him. So Miek grabs a spear and tries stabbing Banner, but stabs Rick Jones who pushes Banner out of the away.

Banner turns into the Hulk and hits Miek almost to death. Korg, Hiroim, Elloe and the Brood try stopping the Hulk because they're Warbound, they should not fight each other. But it is Miek who asks to be killed; and reveals a terrible secret: Red King guards placed the bomb in the Hulk's shuttle that exploded and killed a million people. And Miek did nothing to stop them because he wanted the Hulk to become what he really is: The World Breaker.

Overwhelmed by this, the Hulk stars releasing waves of Gamma radiation, and slams the ground with his feet, shattering the Earth, causing trembles that are felt hundreds of miles away. The Hulk blames the heroes for the whole thing, saying "I'll hate you forever. Almost as much... as I hate myself".

The Hulk realizes that he is about to destroy the world. But since he is a true hero, he asks to be killed. Tony Stark synchronizes satellite weapons and a powerful beam bathes the Hulk from the sky, knocking him out.

In the crater left, Robert Bruce Banner lies with eyes open. His body is placed in a special coffin and taken to a secret underground facility, 3 miles below in the Mojave desert. Submerged in a red liquid, Banner shuts his eyes.

Meanwhile, in planet Sakaar, a new being rises from the green mud: It is Skaar, the son of the Hulk!!

John Romita Jr.
Klaus Janson


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