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Avengers Classic #9: Review

Feb 2008
Macon Blair, Juan Doe

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He made her the bait

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4 stars

Avengers Classic #9 Review by (September 16, 2023)
The new story shows the untold tale of how Wasp was captured in between page 13 and 14 of the original story.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers Classic #9 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The main story reprints Avengers #9 where Baron Zemo creates Wonder Man to betray the Avengers.

Story 2:- He made her the bait

Wonder Man is watching from on high as Janet Van Dyne tries to get medical help to cure his 'disease' (actually a side-effect of the ionic rays that gave him his super-powers, that Baron Zemo has to keep giving him an antidote for). He claps his hands (like Hulk) to cause a sonic boom which spooks the horse of a nearby mounted policeman. Wasp frees the cop from the tangled reins allowing him to fall free and then goes after the stampeding steed. But WM lands on its back and brings it to a halt.

They both congratulate each other on a job well done and Wondie signs some autographs. Then he asks Wasp if they could go somewhere to get to know each other better. She agrees as long as it's as teammates not a date. But when they get to the riverside he electronically signals a craft to rise from the water and pulls a gun on her (and stops curbing his chauvinistic attitude). He tells her that the Masters Of Evil want her but she blasts him with her sting and keeps blasting till he goes down. However he's playing possum until she gets close enough for another sonic boom to KO her. And he loads her into his craft.

Juan Doe
Juan Doe
Juan Doe
Arthur Adams (Cover Penciler)
Arthur Adams (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Rus Wooton.
Editor: Mark Beazley. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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