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Black Widow #2: Review

Feb 2001
?, Scott Hampton

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Breakdown Part 2

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4 stars

Black Widow #2 Review by (March 3, 2020)

Review: See issue #1 for full review.

Comments:Marvel Knights”--Cover. Written by Devin Grayson and Greg Rucka.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Black Widow #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The police have surrounded Black Widow Natasha Romanoff after she has killed Black Widow Yelena Belova at the Museum of Natural History but appearances can be deceiving: the two have switched bodies (unknown to Belova) as part of a SHIELD scheme. “Natasha” surrenders to the police only to seize a gun and shoot down a dinosaur skeleton to make her getaway. Meanwhile, “Belova” is taken to an ambulance where she meets with Daredevil and cleans herself up for the next part of the mission….

In Central Park, “Natasha” takes a homeless man’s coat as a disguise and heads for a safe house (DD, following hands the homeless man some money). Meanwhile, at a downtown hotel, “Belova” visits General Stelyenko and tells him she wants in on the deal he has going with Rhapastan, revealing that she has framed the Black Widow for her murder to distract SHIELD from Stelyenko’s scheme. The General reveals that there are five nukes hidden in Hudson Valley from the Cold War and he offers her one million dollars to recover them. After she goes, Stelyenko tells an aide that she is an impostor and gives the order to have her killed….

Meanwhile, the real Belova reaches a safe house—only to find Nick Fury and several SHIELD agents waiting for her. She flees and Fury allows her to get away. Belova spends the night sleeping in a dumpster….

Scott Hampton
Scott Hampton
Scott Hampton
Scott Hampton (Cover Penciler)
Scott Hampton (Cover Inker)
Scott Hampton (Cover Colorist)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

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Black Widow
Black Widow

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