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Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #10: Review

Aug 2015
Ales Kot, Marco Rudy

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Chapter Ten: Into the Void

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3.5 stars

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #10 Review by (September 22, 2017)
Review: Oh, just look at the reviews for the previous issues, life is too short to keep coming up with creative ways to say this series is different from everything else Marvel has published—and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Young Bucky and Old Bucky race to find Daisy Johnson who went after Crossbones, not knowing it was a trap. To their surprise, they are met by Daisy boasting of having shot and captured Crossbones. What she doesn't know was that the villain has a healing factor....

King Loki plays telepathic chess with Queen Ventolin as she allows him control of Mer-Z-Bow's supply of Ilium, which he plans to cart away, ruining the planet's society. They spar verbally before she announces that he has been busted....

Daisy and the Buckies return to the fortress to discover that Crossbones has recovered from his injuries enough to take off in a spacecraft. Older Bucky chooses to go after him and stop him, aware that it will likely cost him his own life. They fly through a white hole that leads back to their own universe...and in the vast void, Bucky collides with Crossbones' craft....  

Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Colorist)

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