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Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #7: Review

Apr 2015
Ales Kot, Langdon Foss

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Chapter Seven: Appropriate Response

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3.5 stars

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #7 Review by (July 18, 2015)
Comments: It is clear here that this Crossbones (first name: Nicholas) is not the usual Captain America foe (Brock Rumlow). Nicholas’ father is seen in a photo as the comrade of Captain America and Winter Soldier.

Review: Oh, just look at the reviews for the previous issues, life is too short to keep coming up with creative ways to say this series is different from everything else Marvel has published—and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Crossbones single-handedly wipes out every hero in the universe; the last one is Iron Man who calls his foe insane before he dies. Crossbones notes that “sometimes goin’ insane is the only appropriate response.” He returns home to his robot servitor Mr Lobkins for medical attention. His mind drifts back to his childhood where he missed his daddy—the daddy who taught him that “the universe doesn’t make any sense: it’s just men fighting, organisms fighting, ideas fighting, until death and rebirth. Man hates man and the world is insane.” He recalls living on a paradise world with his loving father, a space soldier he looked up to. Then one day the planet was destroyed by an attack from space; the loss of all he’s known made him what he is. And today he killed all the heroes in the universe just to prove a point to the Winter Soldier: that life is hate and all is war. But underneath Crossbones is still a frightened child who wants his daddy….

Langdon Foss
Langdon Foss
Rachelle Rosenberg
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

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