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Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #5: Review

Feb 2015
Ales Kot, Marco Rudy

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Chapter Five: Future Proof

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3.5 stars

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #5 Review by (February 15, 2015)
Comments: Pages 1-3, 20 are drawn by Langdon Foss with color by Jordan Boyd; pages 4-19 are done by Marco Rudy. Foss’ sections are a summary and introduction to the situation; Rudy illustrates the issue’s plot while giving us a two-page history of how telepathic interconnectivity developed on Mer-Z-Bow.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Arriving at the palace gates in Mer-Z-Bow, future Bucky Barnes is stopped by the guards; he asks the leader Demdike Stare to connect to his mother Ventolin to see if she is safe. As young Bucky and the Queen respond, Crossbones enters the chamber with murder on his mind. As Bucky engages him, the guards head for the Polarity Engine and older Bucky climbs the tower on the outside. Crossbones overcomes his quarry and as he raises his knife to deliver a killing blow, older Bucky blows his hand off with a carefully placed shot. The gravely wounded Daisy Johnson then arrives and blasts the villain to hell with her quake powers but Crossbones had a back-up plan: pressing a button, he triggers an explosion which destroys the entire tower….

Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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