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Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #9: Review

Jun 2015
Ales Kot, Marco Rudy

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Chapter Nine: Whole Planet Takeover

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3.5 stars

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #9 Review by (August 2, 2015)
Review: Oh, just look at the reviews for the previous issues, life is too short to keep coming up with creative ways to say this series is different from everything else Marvel has published—and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Bucky Barnes: the Winter Soldier #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The evil King Loki finds himself trapped in a green transparent field in the court of Queen Ventolin of Mer-Z-Bow. He has been trapped by the machinations of the two versions of Bucky Barnes, the present one and the older one from the future. Suddenly a shot fired from space cracks open the field, releasing Loki, likely fired by Crossbones who is coming to destroy this world. Loki demands full control of the fields of the drug Illum, which the God of Evil plans to distribute among his worshippers to keep them under his power. Ventolin agrees. Loki brags how he manipulated the two Buckies to this planet and sent Daisy Johnson on a mission to stop Crossbones and his gun-planet—with a bomb. Young Bucky punches his lights out and they go to save the world….


Meanwhile, Crossbones knows Daisy is coming for him—with an enormous gun….

Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Marco Rudy
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Michael Del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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