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Captain America: Sam Wilson #12: Review

Aug 2016
Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #12 Review by (August 21, 2016)
Comments: A Civil War II tie-in. In jail, Sam was reading Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver (Google it).

Review: This comic wanted to be controversial? Well, they've got it now, plopping the heroes into a non-lethal version of the “Black Lives Matter” debate. Emotions run high, the stakes are grim, and the characters intense. And last time they looked serious about addressing this burning issue. Too bad this month the real-life controversy is only background noise for the real question: should Sam be Captain America? After all, if Sam stays Cap for much longer Marvel would have to roll the title back to #1 again as their policy seems to be these days. So while the comic appears to be addressing real issues, they really can't resolve anything so it all just looks like a build up to ending this title and letting Steve Cap have the main Cap series.


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Captain America: Sam Wilson #12 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Flashback: An angry Captain America marches into a police station where they are holding a robbery suspect collared by an Avenger. It turns out that the “suspect” is the Falcon, mistaken for the bad guy while the real bad guy, the Trapster mistaken for a hero, was allowed to leave. Disgusted with the era's racism, Steve apologizes to Sam while hoping that things will change someday....

This isn't the day: The nation is still divided (Civil War II), and now Captain America (Sam Wilson) has stepped into a confrontation between the Americops and a group of African Americans led by Rage—a confrontation that is about to turn violent....

USAgent is summoned to a meeting with Americops CEO Paul Keane, right-wing radio pundit Harry Hauser, and Senator Tom Herald, who tell him about the #givebacktheshield movement. They outline the case against Sam Wilson as Captain America and ask the Agent to force Sam to hand over the shield....

The confrontation between Sam Cap and the 'Cops explodes when Rage jumps in a slugs a 'Cop; the two heroes find themselves facing a cadre of Americops. Cap summons the new Falcon who snatches Rage away and dumps him safely on a tower. Cap is trapped in a net and summons birds to attack the Americops, and as he is about to fly away, he is knocked out of the sky by USAgent....

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)


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